Landscaping services are a great way to add curb appeal to your home, and they can also enhance the health and value of your property. But it’s essential to research before hiring landscaping services for any project. Choosing the right professionals like Signature Scapes Pty Ltd ensures your yard meets your expectations and budget. 

A landscaper’s job involves many duties, from planting flowers and shrubs to cutting lawns and performing other basic garden upkeep. In addition, they use their knowledge of horticulture to create beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing outdoor areas that are functional and pleasant for their clients. 

Some landscapers specialize in a particular area, such as flower bed design, while others focus on landscaping entire yards. Whether building an acre-long yard or a few small gardens, you can hire a company to handle the whole design and installation process. 

Plant selection: This is a big part of the job, as landscapers know what type of plants to choose for specific properties and hardiness zones. They should be able to recommend which varieties of flowers, trees, and shrubs will thrive best in your location and which types will complement each other.

Layouts: The landscaper’s team will be responsible for putting together the design of your yard, including the structure of flower beds and paths. They will work with you to ensure the landscape design complements your house and lifestyle. 

Softscape design: This landscape creates outdoor spaces with trees, flower beds, and hedges. It is ideal for traditional homes or urban environments.

Xeriscape design: This more eco-friendly landscaping option focuses on using drought-resistant, low-water plants and incorporating a rainwater harvesting system to distribute water throughout the garden.

Maintenance: If you plan to install new lawns, a landscaper can help you set up a comprehensive irrigation system to keep your fresh grass healthy and green. They can also advise you on your new lawn’s best pest control methods.

Lawn pest control: A landscaper can offer services to rid your lawn of pests, such as grubs and fire ants. This can help prevent your property from becoming a breeding ground for these insects and save you money on future upkeep costs.

Hourly labour: A landscaper can also offer hourly delivery for more complex tasks requiring more time. This is a good option for businesses that don’t have the workforce to do all the work themselves or who need a hand occasionally.

Depending on your business model, you can offer these landscaping services as standalone options or bundled into your other offerings. For example, you might offer a package deal with pest control and weekly lawn mowing. You might also include additional services like walkway design and lighting. 

These options can increase your revenue and help you grow your business. Landscapers have a variety of jobs, from maintaining residential neighbourhoods to working for local governments. Their hours vary, but they are long and busy in the summer and fall.