Are you working on your way to sobriety? Did you happen to fall prey to substance abuse? In any of these cases, you will need to find the best de-addiction centres in Mumbai and sign up for their services.

Samarpan is one such holistic rehabilitation centre that has been offering evidence-based treatment options for addicts. They have helped innumerable people live a sober life again. When you sign up for a rehabilitation program, there are a lot of questions in your mind. One of the common things that most people tend to ask is how many months people stay in rehabilitator centers. So, here we are going to shed light on it.

The Nature of the Problem

To understand the number of months you need to stay in the rehabilitation center in Mumbai, the first thing to judge is the nature of your problem and the extent of it.

Based on the answer to the above question, one will be able to make some deduction of the duration of the stay. Those who have subjected their body to substance abuse for a very long time and are heavily addicted may show some severe withdrawal symptoms. Such people need to stay longer and their journey will be a little more difficult.

One has to be patient when walking the road to recovery because deaddiction methods are not about popping medicines and waiting for the changes to show. It makes use of a holistic and disciplined approach wherein the key idea is to give your body the time and the confidence to heal and repair itself.

The Effects

Addiction is a very serious issue and it is hard to predict which method will turn out to be effective. This is why one has to wait and see how effective a certain line of treatment is for an individual before deducing the number of months they need to stay in the rehab.

For some people, the first trial may turn out to be effective and they may start showing better symptoms. If you can quit early and stay sober, you will not have to stay long. However, if the body doesn’t seem to react to the therapy sessions and the will to go back to abuse is very strong, one needs to resort to a mix of other methods and strategies.

Samarpan is one of the leading de-addiction centers in Mumbai. They have a mix of different strategies available for the sake of offering the right treatment to the addicts. Whenever they have a new addict coming in, they make it a point to draw a profile and gauge the type of addiction and the extent of addiction. Also, the nature and personality of the individual are assessed. This helps them come to a better decision regarding which program is likely to be more effective.

Some of the common programs are a 15-day rehab facility or even a 30-day rehab facility. If the facilitators feel that you are still not okay and the probability of a relapse is very high, they may push you to another month of rehab program as well.

So, the duration of your rehab will depend upon the type of progress you are making.

Relapse Tendency

One of the biggest problems with deaddiction programs is the chance of relapse. All the progress you have made will come down to naught if you have a relapse episode.

This is why before you exit the rehabilitation program, it is important to analyze and understand as to what are the odds of facing a relapse. You also need to be much more confident in your approach regarding battling the odds of a relapse. However, you can still choose to opt for another month of the session just to be sure. There are several relapse prevention rehabilitation programs too and you can choose to be a part of such programs for complete recovery.

Complete Caregiver Program

For some people, especially in the case of elderlies, it may so happen that they are not able to function on their own. Some of them may have a walking disorder while some may have an impaired brain. Sometimes, overexposure to drugs and alcohol can lead to physical ailments.

Such people may need lifetime care or complete caregiver programs. Such people will have to live longer in rehabilitation centres. Some of them sign up for a lifetime program while others may sign up for several years.
So, when you are availing of the services of rehabilitation centres in Mumbai, rather than asking for the number of months you need to stay, you should focus on the type of treatment you need to seek.

So, these are some of the things to bear in mind when you are looking to ascertain the number of months you will have to stay in rehabilitation centres. Several deaddiction centres in Mumbai take a session and let people know which program and duration will be best suited to them. They have counsellors who make note of several parameters and factors to come to the right judgment regarding the best course of action.

So, if you are fighting severe addiction issues and you are looking for help, you will find several deaddiction centres in Mumbai. Make sure to choose the best one that believes in holistic treatment methods that won’t lead to adverse side effects.

Holistic approaches and evidence-based methods allow you to enjoy a quicker and safer recovery. Samarpan is one of the top alcohol rehab centres in Mumbai and they believe in holistic treatment methods. They have managed to put forth a great track record so far and offer quality treatment solutions to help the addicts live a sober and better life again.

The bottom line remains that you need to stay in a rehabilitation program for as long as you do not feel well again. It is hard to pin down a number before your treatment starts.