British Airways offers several flight change choices for affordable British Airways UK flights. The airline has a traveller friendly approach that allows travellers to alter flights individually.

Passengers can see change and request refunds for their airline flights using the exclusive Manage my booking function.

Policies and costs for altering flight dates UK vary depending on things like

  • Ticket kind.
  • Timing.
  • Seasonality.
  • Fare class.
  • Special conditions.
  • Learn everything about them here.

Type of ticket

BA offers three flight ticket types

1. Refundable tickets

Refundable tickets allow passengers to cancel rebook or change their flights without penalty. These tickets are pricey because of this. Yet gives travellers peace of mind especially when their plans are uncertain.

2. Partially refundable tickets

Partially refundable tickets allow passengers to cancel rebook or change flights. Essentially partially refundable tickets offer less return as the flight with excessive British Airways Baggage Allowance departure date approaches.

Thus the earlier you cancel the more you get back and the later you change your flight the less. Partial refund tickets have a cancellation fee.

3. Non-refundable tickets

Non-refundable tickets allow little or no flight cancellation rebooking or modification. Even if they do they charge a lot for flight changes or penalties. Since these tickets are cheap basic fare they rarely offer refunds.


Changing your flight also affects your change fees. Early modifications reduce fees and vice versa.


Seasonality can also be a deal breaker or increase flight change costs. During peak travel season flight modifications are less flexible and cost more. Off peak travel doesn’t have hefty flight changing fees.

Average pricing for different Fare classes

  • For non-refundable basic economy class tickets altering flight dates often costs £50 to £150 or more per passenger.
  • Flight changes for partially refundable economy class tickets incur fees ranging from £20 to £75 or more per passenger.
  • Passengers with Business or First Class tickets receive minimal or no change costs for flight date alterations.

Special circumstances

  • When flights are cancelled due to natural disasters or medical emergencies BA provides full refunds for all flights with appropriate documentation.
  • During flight cancellations or delays passengers can receive replacement tickets for their desired dates or a full refund from the airline without additional charges.

The cost of changing flight dates in the UK varies based on criteria such as airline, ticket type, tariff rules, and cause for change. Some general thoughts:

Type of Ticket:

Flexible or refundable tickets sometimes allow modifications without fees. However, these tickets cost extra upfront.

Non-Refundable Tickets:

For non-refundable tickets, altering flight dates may cost. These fees vary by airline and by how early you make adjustments.

Fare Class:

Fare classes within an airline can have various change costs. Flexible change costs or no fees may be available in higher fare classes.

That how much British Airways first class business class and economy class cost to alter travel dates from the UK.