The fundamental temperature scale used in thermodynamics is the Celsius scale. Anders Celsius first gave it a definition in 1742, and it is currently defined by three separate temperature scales. The boiling point of water is found at 100f to c 100 degrees Celsius on the centigrade (Celsius) scale, which runs from 0 to 100. (212 F).

100 °F in °C Formula

The formula for 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius is [°C] = ([100] 32) x 5 x 9. As a result, we get:

100 F to C = 37.778 °C

100 °F is equivalent to 37.778 °C.

100 F in C is equivalent to 37.778 C.

As a side note, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, a German scientist, is honored by having his name associated with the temperature unit Fahrenheit.

In turn, the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius inspired the naming of the temperature unit, Celsius. You can convert 100 Celsius to Fahrenheit right here.

the formula for converting from Fahrenheit to celsius is (f-32)*5/9.

(F – 32)*5/9 is the formula for converting between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The end result will be 0°C, sometimes referred to as the freezing point of water.

This equation’s antithesis is (F + 32)*5/9 = C.

(C * 9/5) + 32 is the formula for converting from 100f to c Celsius to Fahrenheit. A temperature in Fahrenheit degrees will be the outcome.

100 degrees Fahrenheit equals 37.7778 celsius.

You may convert Fahrenheit and Celsius using the following formula: f – 32 = 5/9.

For instance, you would use the following formula if your body temperature was 90°F:

34.4 degrees Celsius are equal to f = (90-32) times 5/9.

Use the following formula to convert between 100f to c Celsius and Fahrenheit: 9/5 x c = (f – 32) (f – 32) Use this formula, for instance, if your body temperature is 34.4 degrees celsius: 9/5 x 34.4 = (90-32) x 5/9 = 90°F

100 °fahrenheit To Celsius Conversion

  • Start by subtracting 32 from 100 before converting to Fahrenheit.
  • The result is 37.778 degrees Celsius when you multiply 68 by 5 over 9.
  • However, utilizing our converter above is more spartan.


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How many degrees Celsius are there in one hundred degrees Fahrenheit is one of the most often asked questions concerning temperature. Because there are additional variables to consider when calculating temperatures, such as wind speeds, humidity levels, and so forth, if you want to be more precise when converting temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius, the answer is 37.7778, not 100 as you might believe.