What determines whether your decision to quit smoking and transition to vaping will be successful? In our opinion, selecting the ideal nicotine strength for your needs may be the most crucial component. After all, while you’re still exploring and looking for the flavour profile that’s ideal for you, you can stomach an e-liquid flavour that you don’t adore. Nevertheless, there isn’t a simple solution if you’re using the incorrect nicotine strength. You won’t be able to manage your desire for cigarettes if your nicotine strength is too low, and if it’s too high, you might not be able to vape.

How do you select the appropriate nicotine strength, then? Start by following some broad principles. For example, smaller vaping devices typically perform better with stronger e-liquids than larger ones with weaker ones. All you need to know is how much nicotine you consume if you smoke. You must be aware of the nicotine content of one cigarette. 20ml of nicotine equals 2500 puffs from a pod salt go 2500.

As you will soon see, there is no straightforward solution to how much nicotine is in a cigarette, but we will attempt to do so. We believe this information will be useful if you’re trying to determine how much nicotine you should vape each day to replace.

How Is the Nicotine Content of Cigarettes Determined?

You may measure the nicotine level of a cigarette quite easily. Researchers and tobacco corporations insert the cigarettes into devices that “light” them and analyse the smoke to identify its components. The amount of nicotine in a cigarette can now be precisely measured thanks to mechanised smoking equipment. A cigarette typically contains 10 milligrammes of nicotine. You will put about 1-2 mg of nicotine from smoking the cigarette into your bloodstream.

So why is it so challenging to calculate the precise amount of nicotine you consume by smoking a cigarette?

Actual Smokers Don’t Smoke Like Automated Smoking Machines

Everyone smokes differently, which is one of the reasons it’s challenging to pinpoint exactly how much nicotine you’ll take in from a cigarette. For instance, several cigarette brands include filters with perforations. Before inhaling the smoke from the cigarette, some smoke is intended to escape via the holes. Hence, a perforated cigarette will result in reduced nicotine and tar measurements when used in an automatic smoking device, enabling the cigarette to be classified as a “light” or “low-yield” cigarette. Numerous heavy vapers, such as elf bar and tugboat, use a lot of nicotine.

Yet the issue is that people who smoke don’t do so in the same manner as a smoking machine. In reality, cigarette holes are placed exactly where you will grip the cigarette while smoking. If you’re covering the perforations with your fingers, you’ll wind up breathing more nicotine than a smoking machine would have calculated for that specific cigarette.

Your Body Will Tell You if You’re Getting Enough Nicotine

We hope this article has given you some insight into the nicotine content of cigarettes and how it compares to the nicotine content of e-liquid. Although it’s impossible to predict precisely how much nicotine will enter your bloodstream after smoking a cigarette, the good news is that you don’t need to know the answer. You can pay attention to your body in its place.

Do you consider the nicotine dose you’re taking to be too low? Even though you routinely vape, you might consider raising the nicotine dosage if you always crave cigarettes. On the other hand, you might want to reduce your nicotine level if vaping causes a harsh and unpleasant sensation in your throat. There’s no reason to panic if you enjoy vaping and don’t yearn for smoking. If you have consumed enough nicotine, your body will let you know.