To keep your carpets looking fresh and extending their lifespan, periodic deep cleaning is a must. But exactly how often should you invest in professional Carpet steam cleaning services? Read on for tips.

Every 12-18 Months

For light traffic areas like bedrooms, professional steam cleaning every 1-1 1⁄2 years is typically recommended. Annual cleaning removes the dirt, dust mites, pet dander and allergens that your vacuum can’t.

Every 6-12 Months

For medium to high traffic areas such as living rooms, family rooms and common areas, increase steam cleaning frequency to every 6 months up to yearly. More foot traffic means more dirt buildup.

Every 3-6 Months

Carpets in very high traffic areas like stairs, hallways and entryways may need professional cleaning as often as every 3-6 months. Dirt carries in fastest to these locations. Don’t let it accumulate.

When Soiling is Visible

Regardless of location, if you can see that carpeting is soiled or stained between professional cleanings, call the pros. Don’t wait for an annual schedule if carpets look dirty.

After Renovations

After home projects or renovations that stirred up dust and debris, steam clean carpets to remove drywall dust, paint flecks and other contaminants. Don’t wait for hidden particles to settle in.


While frequency depends on traffic and visibility, a good rule of thumb is professional carpet steam cleaning every 12-18 months for optimal appearance and lifespan. For heavier use areas, increase frequency to keep carpets clean and fresh.