Grapevine, TX – It is expected that remote work will continue throughout the decade. More employees have reported enjoying working remotely more than they do coming into the office. For this reason, companies have increasingly adopted the use of cloud desktops. is a leading provider of cloud PCs to companies performing remote work.


One of the main reasons companies should use’ cloud desktops is that they can be accessed from any device and location. This flexibility allows remote companies to have BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environments. Also, is device-agnostic, which means that users can access software systems and applications regardless of their endpoint devices. If a company requires employees to work on Windows desktops, workers can use their Chromebooks or MacBooks for work.


Another reason that remote companies should use’ cloud PCs is that they are more secure than traditional computing solutions. If a user loses their device, a manager or administrator can remove its access to the company server. The user can then log back into the system using a new device. This prevents cybercriminals from accessing the company server. Additionally, includes security measures such as military-grade encryption, firewalls, anti-virus protection, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on measures, and integration with the Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery Plan. is also compliant with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA.


Remote companies should also use because it is highly scalable. Managers and administrators can easily add or remove users and devices from the company server as needed. Managers can also distribute software licenses to the users that need them. Having this level of scalability is useful for companies that hire new employees on a seasonal basis or use the services of outside workers like freelancers or contractors. Users can easily be removed from the server when they leave the company.

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