Surat is known as the clothing manufacturing hub of India. This city has gotten its reputation from the innumerable textile and manufacturing plants it hosts. Surat is known as the city of entrepreneurs, it is also one of the biggest manufacturing hubs of the country. The goal of the city is to be notorious in the section of manufacturing and distributing wholesale dress material around the country and internationally.

Surat currently has about 200+ medium and small garment units. It is also a hub for producing silk and cotton and is known to be one of the biggest distributors of those products nationally. Surat is also home to a variety of manufacturing plants and stitching units. The stitching units primarily deal with the making of sarees and other ethnic dress materials.

Among other things, Surat is home to some of the biggest names in garment manufacturing and sales. Innumerable physical and online stores work around the clock to provide authentic ethnic wear to customers from around the world.


Digitalization in the Garment Industry

The digitization of business, which was a major step for all businesses during the pandemic, also affected this industry. Through digitization and the emergence of e-commerce, ordinary household businesses have skyrocketed their reach to cater to national and international clients. Social commerce, or the selling of products using social media platforms, is usually the norm for small businesses to stay afloat.

Among all the different e-commerce websites for garments and clothing that have emerged, one has stood out from the rest. SM Creation is one of the leading wholesale manufacturers of ethnic wear in India. SM Creation provides not only quality dress material for the making of ethnic wear but also has in store a variety of designer kurti sets, palazzos, and saree catalog collections. For women who wish to fill up their wardrobes with the trendiest and latest ethnic wear for work and other occasions, wholesale websites like this are the ideal solution.


How Surat Garment Stores Intend to Expand

A hub, by definition, means the go-to place for anything. For Surat to be the clothing manufacturing and distribution hub for the country, certain prerequisites have to be met by the garment manufacturers and distributors of the country.

Apart from integrating digital marketing and e-commerce tactics into their day-to-day business, garment stores are taking full advantage of the moment and influencer marketing. Having their e-commerce websites where they work on SEO and direct sales, garment stores have tied up with reputed names in the fashion industry to be their go-to wholesale vendors.

The Surat clothes market intends to go international with its wholesale designs and the styles of clothes that they provide. The goal is to be the world’s leading exporter of designer dress material, which can be customized to any type of garment based on the client’s specifications.


Creating Awareness and Expanding Reach

The best part about the garment industry is its potential to educate and expand itself. Using influencers to create awareness about a brand and the products it offers helps spread the word about ethnic wear providers and adds credibility to a brand. Wholesale garment providers in Surat have understood the influence and sheer impact that social media has on the decision-making process of a customer and are leveraging it to the full extent.

Being the hub, clothing brands in Surat intend to increase their reach through the presentation of authentic content that engages and attracts customers towards them. Surat presents a certain number of unique selling points that the rest of the garment providers in the market do not provide.

With the assistance of social media and content, Surat’s small and medium businesses of garment selling, assembling, and manufacturing are all set to make their mark in the Indian and international markets.