Getting locked up in your home, outside your home, or in a car is one of the most frustrating things that could happen to you. It is uncomfortable, embarrassing, and occasionally dangerous. When you are stressed out because you need a locksmith in Atlanta, you aren’t paying much attention to the details while looking up a service provider.

This may cause you to overlook some warning signs and put you in the centre of a locksmith scam. That occurs much more frequently than you might imagine, but it need not happen. Continue reading to learn How To Avoid Locksmith Scams In 2023, how it works, and how to stay clear of one.

How Do Locksmiths Scams Work?

Locksmith scams typically begin with an online newspaper or directory ad for fake businesses. These ads are usually made to look genuine and promising, including pictures and reviews of happy customers. These scams have a visually appealing online interface and rank highly on search engine results pages.

Potential customers attempt to contact the business when such false advertisements appear on their news feeds. Generally, the call is transferred to a customer service agent, who tempts the customer by making an irresistibly low offer. After a deal is reached, a subcontractor is tasked with coming to see you.

After the locksmith arrives, he declares your locks require extensive installation, repairs, or drilling. The locksmith will embellish the circumstances and offer a more expensive quote than initially discussed. You are forced to accede to his requests because it is an emergency, and you must resolve it immediately for security considerations. These tricks force you to spend far more money than you expected.

5 Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scams

Scam Locksmiths can easily disguise themselves as legitimate locksmith business by establishing a website that appears on the first pages of Google or any other search engine. So the main question is how to identify if the company is reputable or fake? Here are several Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scam:

1. Web Presence

It is easy to fall for a visually appealing website, online commercial, or a great client testimonial. Some indicators that a website, ad commercial, or testimonial could be a fraud is looking for imprecise wording (such as lists of city names and generic keywords to help them rank well in the search engines), bad grammar, a lack of logo or branding, missing phone numbers, or no corporate address.

2. Read Online Reviews

The most straightforward approach to determining a company’s reliability is to read online reviews. You shouldn’t pick a locksmith with many one-star reviews or unsatisfied clients.

3. Cash Payment

Most of the time, scam locksmiths will insist on being paid in cash, and if you have little money with you, they may ask to get paid by debit card rather than credit card as it easily is traced or reverted. Also, the bill will be more than the original quote. Most reputable locksmiths agree to make a credit card transaction.

4. The professionalism of the Technician

The characteristics of a professional locksmith are their skillsets and appearance. They must arrive in their business vehicle, wearing their professional uniform, and knowing exactly what they are doing.

Professional look and skill sets are characteristics of reliable locksmiths. They should show up in a business vehicle, wearing a uniform, and knowing what they’re doing. Ask to see a business card if the service technician still needs to get a corporate emblem on their vehicle or uniform. Call someone else if you know the worker fumbling with tools or needing more confidence in their work.

5. Suspiciously Low Costs

Scam Locksmiths usually charge between $15 to $40 to start. They bait the customers to book their service by advertising at low costs, then charge more than the original quote. The usual claim that the locksmiths make is that the work is complicated and thus costs more.

Even while it’s typical for prices to vary slightly as a project becomes more complex, the suspiciously low cost at the start is a dead giveaway.


These tips will help you stay aware of major Locksmith Scams scams. Locksmiths in Canton is a trustworthy, knowledgeable locksmith business that offers reliable locksmith services. We at Top Atlanta Locksmith have a qualified staff on call around the clock to handle all locksmith requirements.