Book Southwest Airlines Multi City by using their “Book a Flight” search feature creatively. Here’s how to do it:

Visit Southwest Airlines Website:

Start by visiting the official Southwest Airlines website using a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Enter Your Departure and Arrival Cities: On the homepage, enter the cities for your departure and arrival for the first leg of your trip. This will be your first one-way flight.

Select One-Way Flight:

Choose “One-Way” under the “Trip Type” option, as you’ll be booking multiple one-way flights.

Select Date and Number of Passengers: Enter your preferred travel date and the number of passengers traveling.

Search for Flights:

Click on the “Search” button to view available one-way flight options for your first segment.

Review and Book the First Leg: Review the flight options, select your preferred one-way flight, and proceed to book it.

Repeat for Additional Segments:

Once you’ve booked the first leg, go back to the Southwest Airlines homepage and start a new search with your next departure and arrival cities for the second leg of your trip. Again, choose “One-Way” under “Trip Type” and search for flights for this segment.

Book Additional Segments: Continue this process for all the segments of your multi-city itinerary until you have booked all your one-way flights.

Review and Complete Booking:

After booking all segments, review your entire itinerary and proceed to complete the booking process.

While this process may take a bit more time than booking a standard round-trip or one-way flight, it allows you to create a custom multi-city itinerary with Southwest Airlines. Remember that fares and availability may vary for each segment, so it’s best to plan and book your multi-city flights in advance to secure the most suitable options for your trip.

Additionally, please check Southwest Airlines’ official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information and any changes to their booking process.

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