The construction of buildings is an ancient human activity, in order to create shelters, by which humans are able to adapt to a wide variety of climates, the history of construction is characterized by a series of trends ranging from the hand with the different materials that were used.

Construction today has been advancing with the passage of time, so now it has become an industrial sector.

There are different classifications for the construction sector. This time we present you by the type of structure which is identified by classes, later in the following blogs we will present the other classifications.

Class A. These are buildings with a supporting steel structure, mezzanines made of steel profiles or reinforced concrete slabs.

Class B. They are those buildings with a supporting structure of reinforced concrete or with a mixed structure of steel with reinforced concrete, mezzanine of reinforced concrete slabs.

Class C. Constructions with supporting walls of brick masonry confined between pillars and concrete chains, mezzanines of reinforced concrete slabs or wooden frames.

Class D. Constructions with supporting walls of block or stone masonry, confined between pillars and reinforced concrete chains, mezzanines of reinforced concrete slabs or wooden entrances.

Class E. Constructions with a supporting structure of wood, wooden panels, fiber cement, plasterboard or similar, including wooden partitions and wooden mezzanines.

Class F. Constructions of adobe, earth-cement or other light materials agglomerated with cement and wooden floors.

Class G. Prefabricated constructions with metallic structure. Wood panels, prefabricated concrete, plasterboard or similar.

Class H. Prefabricated constructions of wood, wood panels, plasterboard, fiber cement or similar.

Class I. Constructions of polyethylene plates or panels. Lightweight concrete panels, fiber cement or polystyrene panels between steel mesh to receive projected mortar.

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