The popularity of online platform is rising like anything and we cannot deny this truth at any scenario. If we observe the things at ground level we can see a huge flourishment in the OTT platforms and online TV channels ever since the advent of Pandemic. Cartoon network is the best channel for kid’s entertainment except for cartoon network february 7 2008 date incident. But nowadays many more such platforms are emerging rapidly. So if you are also thinking of creating a TV platform without paying anything here are some tips for you in such case. 

Pick a domain to create your Online TV platform

The first thing that is important to create a free online platform without investing anything is that you need to choose a domain. Select a domain for which you want to entertain your users. It could be education, technology, entertainment, dance, music, lifestyle and many more. If you are bringing your own videos to this platform then keep your interest in mind and if you want to show content from other channels on your platform then decide it wisely based on the demand of the time. Choosing a relevant domain is very important for creating online TV platform for free of cost. 

Know your market of people you want to target

The next step that you need to keep in mind is that you must have an idea about your target audience in mind. You cannot create a lifestyle content for keeping the kids as your target audience in mind and similarly for other arenas too. So ponder on wisely about your target crowd and where it can be approached. It gives very important data and prepare you to take best decision to grow your visitors if you have an idea about your target market. So keep this point in mind while you are embarking on a business of online TV service for your users. 

Design a site for online TV to sell your content through genuine platform 

Further you need to work on developing a site for creating your online TV and videos for it. You can choose a platform that can develop and design the best site for TV platform by adding best plugins and other features to it. Make sure to choose a platform that can help you to sell your videos to your customers through subscribing the platform and video ads. There are people who are also offering such services at negligible cost and you can also create the one without spending money by watching tutorials for the same.

Find a host for your online TV platform

The next thing that you need to fulfil is finding a host to handle your online TV platform in best way. There are free hosting services as well that you can avail by doing a little research. Very few people are aware of these hosting services which are selling their services for free of cost as trial. So if you are eager to open an online TV platform without spending a single penny then these types of basic hosting services are available for you that you can choose very well to go ahead with your platform. This is the best way you can begin a zero cost business and make big chunks of money to later get paid web hosting for your platform. 

A successful team for best content delivery services and assistance 

It is also important that you are able to manage the content delivery to your users in professional way. At the same time content delivery service assistance is also essential. So build a successful team to deal with this area in order to run your online TV platform like that of professionals.

Pay attention to develop a secure payment system 

Users who are spending time on your site or the money that you are getting through monetizing the videos should be supported by a secure payment system. You can hire free services in this context though very few people offer such services for free of cost for few months. 


So this is how you can create a good online TV platform without paying anything in the beginning. Later on you can switch to the paid services as well when your online platform is doing well in funds. It is very important to run such sideline businesses to earn secondary business in this cut throat completion to live a worthy life. You do not have to bother much about creating such platforms as they can be created easily by putting very few efforts. That is the reason why every other person is having his own online TV platform nowadays. So do not refrain from getting extra earning than your job by having such platform for you.