We accept that a set of new tyres is costly. But we would not advise you to gamble on old, damaged tyres. Just think about the benefits of driving on new tyres cheshamand replace your old ones as soon as possible if you feel they are balding quickly.

New tyres enhance driving comfort and are available with advanced technology. Moreover, new tyres will come with improved fuel-efficiency and low rolling resistance. So, why don’t you buy a new set of tyres when you need them?

It is true that only you are responsible for keeping your tyre fit and fine but also only you have to decide that your tyres need a change. Indeed, if you drive on bald and damaged tyres, you make your ride highly risky just for saving some coins. Sorry, but we have to say this is not a wise decision.

Every tyre is made to perform for a limited time and after that time, you have to replace it.

The exact time, when you need a new tyre, depends on the design of the tyre, driving habits, road surface, weather, and of course, proper maintenance.

You can maintain your tyres well to make sure your tyres last after a long time but besides maintaining your tyres, you need to keep an eye on the condition of your tyres. To make sure you need a change, you have to consider the following factors.


Tyre tread


Tyre tread is the main component of your tyres because the tyres are unable to provide a better grip without a specially designed tyre tread.

Let us take an example of winter tyres. They provide better grip and traction and have exceptional water dispersing ability just because of the design of appropriate design of tyre tread. You can’t even imagine driving on snow with the tyres that have no tread design because of the risks of low traction and hydroplaning.

Tyre tread wears down over time and increases the risks of accidents because of the low level of traction. Moreover, bald tyres are more susceptible to punctures and may have some weak areas that cannot hold the air pressure well.

So, always check the depth of tyre tread and if you find your tyres are balding, change them immediately.

The physical condition of your tyres


Besides the reduced depth of tread pattern, aged tyres are supposed to show certain signs like cracks, cuts and blisters. If you observe these signs, you have to seriously think about changing your tyres.


Ask an expert if you are not sure


If you are not sure about replacing your tyres, you can always talk to an expert. Experts can help you in this regard because they are trained to check the internal structure of tyres.

If your experts advise you to change the tyres, take it seriously because being late can result in disastrous outcomes.


Maintaining your tyres


Of course, you can add more years to the total lifespan of your tyres by maintaining them appropriately.

You can apply the following tips to confirm a prolonged lifespan for your tyres.


  • Check the air pressure of your tyres regularly
  • Do not drive your car when tyres are heated
  • Do not hit your tyres with bumps or curbs
  • Do not cross the speed limit
  • Consider the loading capacity of your vehicle


We are sure using these tips will be extremely helpful but we repeat; replace your car tyres whenever it is required.