high quality children's book printing

Children’s book have many types. Such as children’s story book, children’s education book, children’s work book, etc. For children’s book printing color, paper stock and glue are very important, which is safe for children. The paper and ink are all eco-friendly material, passed on global authentication. What is more, the advanced machine and experienced worker book printing skills are also very important to make a high-quality children’s book.

Most of the children’s book are colorful, sometimes we can see the images are very blurry. That is because they did not design the images in the same format. If you want to print the book in vivid colors and beautiful effect. You must make all the pictures in high resolutions, can choose color profit “Japan Color 2001 Coated”. When you save the files in PDF format.

When we read a book, we always want it can be open more easy and flat. But some books were bound too tight and could not open easily. If you do the binding with section sewing, we can open the books more flat. And pages are not easy to drop offer, can extend the use of life. No matter you do a paperback children’s book or a hardcover children’s book. You can request to do the binding with sewing, the quality will be more durable.

To make a children’s book look more attractive. Some authors would like to do special finishing on the book cover. Such as embossed title, debossed title, foiling logos, spot uv images, etc. When you create the artwork, please remember to do a single PDF file for the elements. Which you want to do the special finishing. Then the china printer can know the details more clear.

For little kids, you can choose a thick board book printing, that is more friendly for the kids. Usually, the board book corners were rounded. That can avoid the little fingers be hurt from the sharp corners. And thick paper can be easier for them to flip over pages, then enjoy the reading. Board book has more advance such as it can be open very flat, the quality is very durable, etc.