MS Outlook is the preferred email application for many enterprises and users for connecting with their clients and partners. Regarding trust and performance, Outlook has no substitutes or workarounds. It is a very professional and business-oriented email client that can handle all of your emailing, calendaring, contact management, and other needs.

You may encounter the problem to eliminate duplicate contacts in Outlook at times. Duplicate contacts cause storage problems and reduced performance. Outlook is overworked and might crash as a result.

Unfortunately, there is no way to rapidly delete duplicate contacts. To repair and eliminate duplicate contacts in Outlook, we must first understand the causes of the problem so that it may be avoided in the future.

Cause for Delete Duplicate AddressBook in MS Outlook

The most common causes of duplicate contacts in Outlook 2016 are given so that you can understand the events and prevent repeating them.

  • When email messages are dragged to the Contacts folder, Outlook automatically creates a new contact. It is a significant contributor to the formation of duplicate contacts.
  • When a user has numerous email accounts with the same name, this might also result in duplicate contacts. As a result, a new address book will be generated for the same individual.
  • To conveniently identify individuals and keep everything synced, you synchronize Outlook contacts with your laptop or mobile device, and sometimes with social platforms like Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on, which results in contact duplication.
  • This is a common occurrence with firms that have several address books on their Exchange Server.

#1: Remove Duplicate Contact One by One in MS Outlook Account

  1. If your contacts are limited in number, you may easily delete them individually one at a time.
  2. Launch Outlook and click on the People symbol that is visible in the bottom left corner of the Outlook window.
  3. Click Phone under the Current View group on Outlook’s top horizontal ribbon.
  4. Holding down the CTRL key, select each duplicate contact one at a time, then click Delete.

#2: Using Import/Export Option

It would take a long time and be very difficult to complete to erase hundreds of duplicate contacts one by one. Therefore, using Outlook’s functionality to eliminate duplicate contacts from exporting is the best option for moving all of the contacts to a new folder. Additionally, after exporting, you may immediately import the new one into Outlook.

  1. Click People in the lower left-hand corner of the Outlook window after launching it.
  2. Contacts may be found under My Contacts; just right-click and choose New Folder.
  3. Then Enter the “New folder name as per your choice
  4. Return to the original Contacts folder, expand the contacts list by clicking on it, use CTRL + A to pick every contact, and then drag them to the ‘New Folder’.
  5. Go to File now, choose Import/Export, and then click Open & Export.
  6. Select Export to a file from the list under Choose an action to Perform, then click Next.
  7. Then click Next after selecting Comma Separated Values under Create a file of type.
  8. Click Next after selecting the Remove Duplicate Contact folder.
  9. Finally, click Browse to find the location where you want to store the file, then click Next and Finish.

#2: Using Automatic Solutions to Eliminate Duplicate Contacts in Outlook

If you want to eliminate duplicate contacts in Outlook quickly, you may just use Turgs Outlook Email Duplicates Remover Tool, an automatic, reputable third-party solution. The utility does a fantastic job of removing duplicate emails, contacts, calendars, and other objects from Outlook data files. Its graphical user interface is exceptionally user-friendly and engaging.

How to Use Outlook Duplicate Contacts Eliminate Tool?

  1. Download, install, & run this Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Tool on your System
  2. After that, browse the Outlook mailbox file on the software panel by clicking the Select Folder or Select File option
  3. Now, select the Contact folder in the Outlook mailbox folder and then tap the next button
  4. Finally, select the desired location, duplicate removal method, and then click the Next button


There are various techniques to eliminate duplicate contacts in Outlook, but we only included the ones that we found to be completely reliable and secure. Therefore, if you are experiencing issues with duplicate contacts or duplicate Outlook data items, you must employ the aforementioned methods.