Knowing the location of your water shut-off valve can prevent water damage, longer-term expensive plumbing damage, and plumbing leaks. If you have an emergency and need to employ some fixes, the better chance of mitigating the damage is how fast you can access the main water valve. Water damage can potentially wreck your home and possessions, calling for the best plumbers in Stockton. Every home has a main water shut-off valve installed in the house.

You may find a shut-off valve located in a basement, crawl space, or next to the foundation. These valves may have levers or a wheel handle.

1. Check Your Crawl Space

Check your crawl space to locate the main water valve. It often runs the length of the house’s front wall. If you have a crawl space with a basement, check the spot from where water enters the basement. You can find the valve under the kitchen sink or close to the water heater if you have no basement.

2. Basements

You can locate the shut-off valve close to the front foundation wall. The primary water source could enter through a wall or a concrete floor. Normally, the valve is three to five feet from the spot where the main water enters. Also, look for a hose attachment outside the wall. In some instances, the main water supply may enter a different location, such as a mechanical room near the furnace or water heater.

3. Underground Valves

At the property border, there are also underground valves placed in some homes. It’s hidden beneath a circular or rectangular metal cover that may be marked water meters to make it easier for homeowners to locate.

4. The Property Inspection Report

You can check the property inspection report made during your house purchase. Find the plumbing section to look for the location of the main water valve, and a photo is attached.

Tips for Finding the Valve Location

  • The shut-off valve will be located close to the house’s exterior.
  • If you check the basement, you will view at or above eye level. You will find the valve downward on the ground floor.
  • You can check the plastic access panel to find the valve.
  • If you live in hotter climates, you will find the shut-off valve outside.


Finding a main water valve is necessary. Water pipes freeze in winter and expand, causing a pipe burst. If the pipe bursts, shutting off your main water valve is required to prevent further damage. So, knowing the location of your plumbing valves is necessary.