Alexa app works on artificial intelligence or responds to your voice immediately and also manages small tasks like a reminder of daily activities or setting the alarm. Sometimes it causes issues due to poor internet connection.


If the app is not working properly it can be because of a bug that faulted the whole app. There are many ways by which you can find what is the problem basically, whether it is an app glitch or a bug.


Methods to fix the Alexa app is not working:


 There are many ways that will help you to determine how to get the Alexa app back to work. If your Alexa App is not working follow the below-given methods:


1. Check the wifi connectivity: 


A weak internet connection can be a problem if the Alexa app is not working properly, if the device is facing any issue while connecting to wifi, can also cause problems with Alexa. The device should be connected to the internet in order to work properly, if not connecting that means Alexa red ring flashing issues arise.


Sometimes the password change can be the reason for your device not picking up any signals. Make sure that the device and Alexa are connected to the same wifi. A firewall between the Alexa Setup and the router can also be the reason for improper connectivity, a firewall can stop a device connection from directly to a WI-FI device.


2. Restart the device:


If the devices which are facing issues in operating can be restarted. It helps the RAM to clean itself out so that it can close any background running app. It can help you with glitches and faults the app is facing. Restarting the phone will help you start fresh without any glitches.

3. Check for updates in the Alexa app:


Not updating the app can also be a problem. Updating the apps take care of bug and other issues that user face. Bugs can affect the app function badly. You can log into your play store and app store to check if there is any update left.


4. Uninstall the Alexa app:


Uninstalling the app can help you to get back your Alexa not working. When you go to the help center or customer service, you will find an option to uninstallation the app. Amazon’s help center also advises customers to uninstall the app and install it back in case it is not working.


5. Factory reset echo:


Another way to get the Alexa app working is factory data resetting. This will help to remove all the data that is burdened on the app. Steps for resetting the device:


  • There are four buttons on the device, two for volume, one for mute, and one for action.


  • For restarting press the action button for 30 seconds, and hold it pending the LED light on the piece of equipment turning yellow.


  • When the light becomes yellow, this is an indication that the device has been restarted successfully.


  • You can wait until it turns blue back, and it notifies you to start the setup.


Sum up:


There are many glitches and bugs that cause the app to work appropriately. It concluded that there are many ways in which the Alexa app can be settled down.


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