The “unable to print 4fbrother 4f error code” is an issue that restrains you from printing with the use of locally manufactured or compatible ink cartridges as the prime reason for the “unable to print 4f” issue.

This quick guide comes with a couple of feasible solutions to help you fix the “unable to print 4fbrother 4f error code” issue on a do-it-yourself basis.

Rectifying with the help of the User Manual Guide

If you see the “unable to print 4fbrother 4f error code” then you can fix the same by changing the print head in a way as suggested by the user manual guide.

Step 1 — First ascertain that the Print head of your Brother printer is replaceable and then follow the successive steps described below.

Step 2 — Make a reference from the printer user manual and find ways suggested therein to replace the removable print head.

Step 3 — Buy a new replaceable print head and position it in your Brother printer in a way described in the user manual. You can also refer to the online user guides in case you don’t have a user manual.

Fixing the Temperature Error might also help

Overheating of the resisters may also cause the “unable to print 4f” error which primarily requires allowing some time for resisters to cool. Just follow the steps given underneath to fix this “print unable 4fbrother” issue going forward.

Step 1 — Begin by removing all ink cartridges from your Brother printer and gently clean the contact points of the ink cartridges and Brother printer.

Step 2 — Unplug the Brother printer and leave it for 30 minutes.

Step 3 — Now plug back all the cables, turn on your Brother printer, and wait to see the messages asking to insert the new ink cartridges.

Step 4 — Insert new or partly filled ink cartridges with a caution that empty cartridges are never inserted back.

Checking for any foreign objects and particles

The presence of foreign objects might also pave the way for the “unable to print 4f” issue which can quickly be resolved by following the simple process described below.

Step 1 — Simply unplug your printer and look around the area of the print head to find foreign particles like dust etc.

Step 2 — Clean the space using a light cotton cloth or an air duster and close the covering canopy with caution.