the development of technology, cloud storage is increasingly distinguishing itself as the best solution to storage insufficiency problems. While you can use external drives or USB sticks to expand storage space, they are either too cumbersome or run out of capacity quickly. In comparison, cloud storage is flexible and affordable.

This article explains how you can get 1 TB of free cloud storage, which is more than enough for most people. In addition, we’ll share some advice on how to use that free cloud service to the fullest. Whatever purpose you are using cloud storage for, the best solution is right here.

How to Store 1TB of Data Free of Cost?

Cloud storage is the most cost-efficient method for storing data. With cloud storage, your data is stored remotely on a server of the host, which means you have access to it wherever you are.

The best thing about cloud storage is that there are actually plenty of free options in the market. Free cloud storage is appealing for a variety of reasons. You may be a student in need of an economical cloud app to store your homework, or an employee looking to back up your work files.

Getting free storage is easy since most cloud services offer the most basic level of free storage capacity. But when it comes to something as large as 1 TB, you will have to do your research to find the gem. Here are a few possible methods to get 1 TB of free cloud storage:

  1. Sign up for a free trial

Some cloud services like SmartFile offer a 7- or 14-day free trial, where you can test out their 1 TB plan before committing to anything. This workaround is perfect if you only need 1 TB of cloud storage for a few days; it won’t cost you anything. But in case the trial requires your credit card information, be sure to cancel the subscription in time so that you won’t be charged.

  1. Sign up for multiple accounts

Another way to get 1 TB for free is to sign up for multiple free accounts. For example, Degoo has a 100 GB free plan; if you can obtain more than one account, the storage adds up, which it is as good as 1 TB. In this case, you would have to develop a good organization habit, keeping a clear record of which files go to which account.

  1. Pick a cloud service with a large free capacity

Finally, you can also look for free cloud services that provide a larger basic package than 100 GB, which, to be honest, is very rare. This is what makes TeraBox so unique among all cloud storage. It provides 1TB free cloud storage, which is also known as “1tb 무료클라우드” in Korean. The interface is very user-friendly, and your data is stored securely on remote servers, which you can access from anywhere.

Which Cloud Has the Most Free Storage?

Of the various free cloud storage services available, we have found that TeraBox offers the most space (1024GB) for the least amount of effort. This is an enormous amount of storage space and should be sufficient for the vast majority of users. The best part is that it’s completely risk-free to join up and begin using the service right away. The 1 TB of storage you get is permanent, so you can store your files in TeraBox for as long as you want.

The whopping 1 TB storage can be utilized for the following purposes:

File Sync: Synchronize your files across multiple devices. You can work on a file on one device and then have it automatically updated on other devices, saving time and eliminating the need to transfer files manually.

Automatic Backup: Save your photos and videos automatically to the cloud. This feature ensures that you never lose important files due to system failure or any other reason.

File Preview: Use the built-in file preview feature to view types of files such as word, PDF, mp4, etc., without having to download them. This makes it easy to quickly preview a file to see if it is what you are looking for before downloading it.

Online Video Downloader: TeraBox has a link video downloader that makes it easy to save videos from popular websites. You can save videos directly to your TeraBox account for easy access later.

Photo Organization: Sort and manage your photos with ease. Besides manual categorization, TeraBox can classify them according to their themes automatically. It is easy to keep track of your photos and find the ones you need quickly.

TeraBox has a simple signup process. To begin uploading your files, just create an account and log in. Your files are always available to you, no matter where you are in the globe, and they won’t take up any room on your local storage. It is by far the greatest option for free cloud storage, or “무료클라우드” if you are searching in Korean.


To sum up, TeraBox is your best choice if you’re seeking dependable, worry-free, and totally free cloud storage space online. 1024 GB can meet the demand of most people and for most tasks, and that’s what TeraBox offers. So, why not give it a try right now? It will definitely exceed your expectations.