Fortunately, most individuals attend Exhibition Stalls with the aim of exploring a certain area of their organization that needs assistance, but that doesn’t imply they’ll approach you and start asking you hundreds of questions about what you provide.

You must learn how to grab attention during a trade show in order to generate interest in your business. You have a better chance of engaging them and converting them into leads or customers if you can entice them.

How to Make an Impression at an Exhibition

Participate in an Exhibition

Many exhibitors attend trade exhibitions as exhibitors rather than as visitors. Immersion in the event will allow you to discover what you enjoy and dislike about trade exhibitions. If you’ve never exhibited before, we recommend starting with this.

Every trade show is unique in terms of location and the people that exhibit and operate the event. Try to keep it as near to your industry as feasible; attending a tech event if you’re a manufacturer is pointless.

Once you’ve determined what sticks out at a trade fair, you can begin preparing how you’ll draw visitors to your booth.

Pre-Show Marketing

You’ll have to accomplish this ahead of time, but it’s worthwhile because it can generate discussion about your brand long before the event begins.

You can contact trade publications if you have an interesting story to share and a reasonable budget. Most writers and journalists will gladly offer you some column inches. You might use your USP or mission to demonstrate why it’s worthwhile to visit your booth at the show.

If you have an email marketing database and a sizable social media following, you should also explore email marketing and social media.

You Should Know What You Want

If all trade show employees understand why they are exhibiting at the event, you will be able to draw more people to your booth.

Uncertain goals breed uncertainty, and uncertain people tend to hide or avoid initiating talks since they don’t know what the outcome should be.

You’ll either stand out for your vigor and certainty or for your avoidance and uneasiness.

Make People Want Your Free gifts

How often do you get a free pen? There’s no denying that a pen is an extremely helpful instrument, yet it’s nothing out of the norm. How is your pen any different from the pens given out at every other stand at the event?

If you’re going to give something free, it should be useful, surprising, and appealing. We enjoy the pop sockets that exhibitors are now giving away.

Have Some Entertainment

If you want to get people’s attention, you may try these interactive games. Games are a terrific way to make people feel at ease at your booth and also serve as an icebreaker.

Some popular game concepts include:

People like to win things, therefore not many people would say no to this.

Business card raffle – collect business cards and hold a raffle, ensuring that the prize is worth an exchange of information (like an email).

Scratch cards – Create scratch cards with your company’s branding and logo to help people remember you.

While games can be effective at attracting attention and engaging with potential leads, that is all they are good for.

Allow Visitors to test your product.

People that attend trade exhibitions to acquire products will want to try the goods or a prototype of the product. You can’t wax poetic about how fantastic your offering is if there’s no way to demonstrate it. Words are not as powerful as actions. For example, if you manufacture office furniture or sell food, you must let those you are attempting to convert test your product. People are less likely to buy something if they can’t review it right away.

Live demonstrations

If your product has a learning curve, it’s usually not a good idea to hand it to someone and urge them to play with it. Teach them how to use it if you want to demonstrate how simple it can be. you can welcome folks into your booth to try out your product. You’ll know these people are genuinely interested because they’ve just seen you use it.

WiFi is available for free.

Many event locations may not provide free WiFi, or you must pay a fee to access it for a limited time. Allowing visitors to utilize your hotspot is a certain technique to attract them to visit your trade show booth. You could make this your selling point; we guarantee you’ll have a swarm of people connecting to your hotspot to update their social media feeds or send emails. Take advantage of this opportunity to get in and interact with the right individuals.

Phone Charging Station for Free

Attendees will need a place to recharge their phones if they use them for emails, social media updates, and phone calls throughout the show. If you can provide such a service, you’ll likely draw a crowd of customers who are running low on battery power. You might provide tea and coffee, as well as a space to sit, so that people may recharge their minds and bodies. Make use of this opportunity to ask some questions and interact with the folks that use your facilities.