Every female looks forward to having a healthy scalp and having thick, luscious hair. Hair loss is now a delicate and intimidating issue because aesthetic awareness is so high among people. Female hair loss is very depressing because, despite everything, women are still perceived primarily in terms of their appearance.

Since today’s women are more independent and hold strong opinions for themselves, the majority of women look forward to correcting their flaws. Every woman needs to feel beautiful, have a self-assured personality, and understand their value. A permanent solution to this problem seems inevitable because females who experience hair loss may be more likely to experience confidence issues.

A variety of factors, including hormonal imbalance, genetic dysfunction, systemic diseases, pregnancy, trauma or scarring, and chemo or radiotherapy, can cause hair loss in females. The hair loss may be temporary or permanent, and permanent hair loss cannot be stopped in any way. But yes, hair transplant procedures are able to permanently reverse permanent hair loss.

Hair loss pattern in females

Hair loss is less common in women than in men. Females experience hair loss differently than males do. The central area is where females first notice hair loss. The partition is widened as it advances. Female hair loss typically does not result in baldness.

Hair transplant in India are now very common. This procedure is well known for producing long-lasting results. Only a few Indian clinics are well known for their amenities and services. There are only a few Indian hair transplant surgeons who are well-known throughout the world for their superior abilities.

The hair transplant cost in India is also very reasonable. The price of a hair transplant would be five to six times less than it would be in another developed nation. As a result, patients from all over the world prefer to travel to India for hair transplant surgery.

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Is it true that hair transplant in female is possible?

Although it has long been believed that hair transplants are only successful in men, the truth is that women can also benefit from this procedure. Males are more likely to consider getting a hair transplant than females because of a lack of information. However, in the current generation, online portals are delivering all kinds of information to every individual with great success.

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Hair restoration in women

If you’re wondering whether hair transplantation in men and women is similar or different, you should know that the fundamental procedures are the same for both sexes. Both men and women can choose between FUT and FUE for their hair transplant procedure, but FUT is recommended for females. Females prefer using the FUT technique over the FUE method due to the need for more hair grafts and the desire to avoid shaving.

The procedure in females becomes a little bit tricky and difficult due to the no-shave approach. In a female hair transplant, the recipient site’s micro slits are prepared before the hair follicles are placed there. Extreme care is taken during the transplant because it could harm existing hair that is nearby. When it comes to female hair transplant, the surgeon’s precision and expertise are highly desired.

The cost of a female hair transplant would be higher than a male counterpart. The procedure’s higher difficulty index and the requirement for more hair grafts because of central thinning are the causes. Even so, if you’re having trouble deciding, go with the procedure because the results are fantastic.

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