Animated explainer video services have been growing popular, especially among modern businesses. Most businesses aim at higher revenue & profits through strong video marketing & digital marketing activities. Never has there been a time so convenient, when it comes to marketing, as digital marketing tools have paved the way for a wide range of marketing techniques & ethics to be practiced. In modern times, businesses that have a strong grip on social media & internet search engine platforms are the true winners, as the traditional marketing techniques such as advertisement on televisions, radios, newspapers & magazines have become outdated & replaced with digital marketing tools such as websites, SEO, social media & other video marketing platforms.

There are various techniques to advertise on the internet & social media platform, content marketing, image marketing & video marketing are the 3 most popular digital marketing techniques, from which video marketing has emerged as a clear winner, as all social media platforms organically promote videos more as they engage the audience more. Explainer videos have proven to be the winner when it comes to businesses, as every successful business knows how beneficial can a simple explainer video consisting of their product, brand, or service prove to be. Connecting to an explainer video company can help get you that perfect explainer for your business.

Animated Explainer Video

When explainer videos are accompanied by animations, 3D effects & motion graphics, these videos are termed animated explainer videos.  The animated explainer video services have been growing very popular among modern businesses, as video marketing is a game changer in today’s competition, where every brand is practicing strong marketing strategies. The animated explainer video pricing also is convenient for businesses as it’s more affordable when compared to expensive television advertisements

Interesting research proved that animated explainer videos attract the attention of the audience 95% better when compared to other explainer video types, making it the most in-demand explainer video type for businesses. Also, animated explainer videos tend to engage the audience more in a long term, which makes animated videos an ideal choice to market on social media & search engine platforms. Let’s further discuss in detail how can Animated Explainer Videos be used in Businesses & especially on Facebook to attain more business growth.

Animated Videos For Businesses & Facebook

Businesses all around the world are becoming smarter & efficient when it comes to advertising & marketing. As marketing is the backbone of every business, it’s important for every business to have a proven marketing strategy that drives growth. Videos are a great marketing tool on the internet platform, if used correctly they can turn into the best marketing investment & a business can do for its growth.

Reduce Marketing Costs:

Often television advertisement campaigns are expensive, they require a huge amount of capital to be advertised, and even marketing or advertising your business products & services in famous magazines & books can significantly cost you high. On the other hand, a simple video or explainer video can be like a one-time investment, the same video can be played or advertised over & over again. The average animated explainer video pricing is much more affordable when compared to advertising on television. If your marketing campaigns want to reduce costs, then an explainer video can help cut costs & increase efficiency.

Brand Image:

Video marketing can be used to develop or set standards for brand imaging, top multinational companies like Apple, Samsung & Nike position themselves to separate themselves from the competition, simply with the help of a unique video marketing strategy that sets them apart from their competitors. Further unique videos showcasing customers differently can help create a sense of security & different brand image in eyes of the consumers.

Videos on Facebook

Facebook is the worlds leading social media platform with more than 3 billion active users, with millions of videos being the reason for the success of Facebooks growth.

Brand Awareness:

Top companies know how to spread brand awareness, & maintain it in the long run when it comes to marketing on social media platforms. Facebook can be used to project brand awareness in local markets as well as oversea markets. Especially new businesses can use video marketing strategy to advertise on Facebook & spread brand awareness organically through interactive social media content.

Engaging Audience:

A Facebook business page can be used to keep the existing audience engaged, animated explainer videos are a good tool to engage & attract potential customers that are randomly scrolling through their social media feeds.

Paid Advertisements:

Facebook offers paid advertisement services for businesses that are willing to spend on facebook ads. These advertisements hold great potential, they can help target selected set of audience, reduce marketing costs, location based targeting & you can choose the video type you want to advertise on facebook. Facebook advertisements can be used to spread brand awareness, create brand image, market your products or services, reduce costs, increase sales & finally gain more organic traffic to website.

Best Animated Explainer Video company in UK

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