Redemption is an action of protecting yourself from committing sins. However, it is extremely tough and challenging to protect and save yourself from bad deeds. Sins happen in this world intentionally or unintentionally both.

Hence, you can stop them with your strong inner faith. Therefore, your faith must be very deep and intense in GOD ALMIGHTY. Getting rid from regular sins is a difficult thing to do for everyone. But it does not mean that they cannot do that. Hence, people can escape from bad deeds through their powerful belief and conviction.

However, they have to have a solid determination to repent from their past sins. So, they have to find a motivation to prevent evil attacks. It lures humans towards wrong doings and encourage them to do them. But they have to discourage them from inside and condemn their sins as bad. Reading a how it can be Lawrence T Santos book can be of great help to them.

So, they must take riddance from these immoral activities. However, it enables them to choose a righteous path in their life. So, they must hold this path firmly and move on in the straight direction. It will lead them to their ultimate destination.

Following are factors how to get the redemption through faith:

Realize Your Sins

Realization is a significant factor that makes you aware of your sins. However, it makes you understand about your sins. Therefore, you must be extremely careful about it. When an evil attack you and lures you to commit a sin. You should realize the end result and bad consequence of your wrong doings. So, you have to keep the effect of this sin in your mind before deciding to put into practice. Thus, the feeling of consciousness makes you super alert about a bad deed. It helps you escape from it. And puts you on the right track and never lets you turn back to it.

Accept Your Sins

Acceptance is another step for the people after realization. So, they must accept their previous sins and remember them clearly. However, these actions cause you a matter of shame and disgrace. Therefore, you do not dare to tell them to people you know. But you hide this from them. However, there must be a limit to cover your sins from your close and dear ones. Hence, you cannot hide them from the GOD. He is the ALMIGHTY and has all the powers. So, he knows everything whatever you do. He even knows well what you think in your mind and keep in your heart. Therefore, an ideal way is to accept your sins and do repentance from them. They realize you to regret about them and feel the embarrassment about them.

Confess Your Sins

Confession is an act of assertion for your deeds. So, you have choices to make your confession in the church and tell them to the priest. However, every church allows you to appear in confession booth to confess your statement. It has two parts that contain a hidden curtain or a wooden block between a sinner and a priest. A priest is not allowed to see the face of a person who has come for assertation of his deeds.

However, in feeling discomfortable with this. You can better make their assertion before the GOD ALMIGHTY. So, you can do it in the darkness where everyone is asleep. You should have to pray to GOD. In the middle of the night and ask for his forgiveness.

Set a Penance

The priest decides after peacefully listening to the crime story of a person to set a penance for them. Penance is a kind of compensation that you need to pay after doing a wrong deed. However, the civil society does not let you without paying a compensation. So, you must have to pay a price for it. Therefore, you must indulge yourself in charitable work to have a cleansing of your filth that you have created. However, it gives you a peace of mind and satisfaction. The contentment that you get from charity is beyond words. So, must do it more often.

Escape from the Sin

The final step is to escape from the sin. However, it is the most complicated step to do for everyone. Therefore, you have to be firm in not repeating your wrong doings. So, you can better turn them into good deeds. Hence, you have to become a virtuous person with a fear of GOD in your heart inside. The fear of GOD ALMIGHTY gives you a genuine terror to get rid of your sinner life. However, it makes you shameful of your acts. And must be tearful on your deeds.

GOD loves your tears and want you to shed them more often in your prayers. However, it gives a complete cleansing of your intentions and actions. Your soulful repentance gives you a chance to purify yourself from the filth of sin. It removes all your dirtiness from the outside and inside of your body. Hence, it shows a tidy personality of yours to others. Thus, it gives you a spiritual glow and display a radiance on your face. So, it gives you the authority over all the devil and demon powers to mislead you from your right track.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are notable factors to keep in consideration and implementation to get the redemption though faith. However, reading a how can it be Lawrence T Santos book gives you a significant help. Therefore, it gives you a courage to accept your past sins and repent on them.

So, you must drop tears from your eyes to ask for permanent forgiveness to GOD ALMIGHTY. He will forgive your sins and give you a chance to become a pious person and perform good deeds in life. Therefore, this book is an excellent eye-opener for everyone to shake their soul from inside. It realizes readers about their meaning of their personality and purpose of their existence in the world.