Have you seen your dog relentlessly scratching his body? If so, it must be driving you both crazy. Imagine you have a mosquito bite and you are scratching your body all the time to get some relief. As you may get crazy over this relentless scratching, so will your pet. Before the condition aggravates, you should notice the signs further and take some actions.

If you are dog owner, know that your beloved can feel itchy due to a number of reasons. A prominent cause of itching in dogs is allergies, which is triggered by the consumption of certain kind of foods. Apart from that dry skin can also be the reason behind excessive scratching in dogs. To deal with dry skin, you can simply switch to good quality shampoos with no chemicals to moisturize its body. You may visit your vet to understand the underlying reason for such itchiness and find out a solution.

Do not fret as there are natural remedies available to tame your pet. Here are a few things that you do before you rush to your vet for more medicines.

1.An oatmeal bath: We have observed the colloidal oatmeal bath can calm a dog’s itching because the natural ingredients will help to reduce inflammation in the body and wash away the trapped allergens in the fur.

2.Coconut oil: Coconut oil is loaded with anti-fungal properties and when applied to your dog’s skin, it will do wonders. Try using it now.

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