One of the most potent and expensive cutting devices that Cricut offers is the Cricut Maker. The machine is unquestionably an improvement over Explore. It is also known for being the most robust and adaptable cutting device. The Maker can cut 300-plus materials, including wood, leather, felt, cloth, acrylic, etc. It also functions with mats 12 by 12 or 12 by 24 in. And it’s not limited to just cutting and pasting. This blog will tell you how you can set up Design Space for Cricut Maker.

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Steps to Install Cricut Design Space for Cricut Maker

Design Space software enables users to send creations for cutting to the Cricut machine. Images can be created and edited with the software. Additionally, thanks to cloud storage, you may store your projects online. Where can you download Design Space and install the same? Let us see the Design Space installation process for Maker.

  1. Go to Cricut’s official site or paste this link into your Chrome browser.
  2. Once the Design Space for Cricut Maker opens, you must select the option to download either for Windows or MacBook.
  1. Let the software download; then, you have to open the downloaded file or search for the file from the Chrome downloads tab (Shortcut Ctrl + J).
  2. Press Enter after selecting the file to install the software.
  3. Then, as the software starts to install, you will notice a progress bar showing the installation progress.
  1. The Design Space icon will automatically appear on your desktop after installation.
  2. It will ask you to sign in with your Cricut ID when you open the app for the first time. Tap “Create a Cricut ID” If it is your first time using this, and tap “Create a Cricut ID.”
  3. Finally, once you enter the Design Space, it will ask if you want to do a test cut.

Now we will go through Cricut Design Space app for Cricut Maker for pairing Bluetooth.

Steps to Pair the Design Space to Cricut Maker via Bluetooth

Cricut offers a Bluetooth pairing option between the Device and your Maker to comfort the user.

  1. The first step is to remember that both devices are in the 10-15 ft radius range.
  2. The second step is to turn on your Bluetooth.
  3. Now, Go and open the Device Manager and check if Bluetooth is enabled or not. To do this, navigate to the Start button and double-click to see the Device Manager from the list.
  1. If Bluetooth appears on the Device Manager window, it means the Bluetooth on the laptop is enabled.
  2. The next step is to go to the Devices from the Settings menu.
  3. Later, select the option to Add Bluetooth or other devices later.
  1. A new window will pop up asking what kind of Device you wish to add. Select Bluetooth to add a Bluetooth device.
  2. Following the previous step, the laptop will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. The name of your Maker will appear as the search ends; select it to finish the pairing.
  3. Sometimes, you must provide a PIN in the last step. Give 0000 as a PIN code and hit Enter. And this ends your Cricut Maker setup for Bluetooth connection.


We wrote this blog to help you with pairing and installing Design Space for Cricut Maker. It’s because pairing a System with a Maker machine involves only a few easy steps and is amazingly simple to understand. By learning how to connect, you will be better able to operate with the Maker and provide the necessary instructions to carry out a cutting task.


Do the Cricut Maker and Explore use the same version of Cricut Design Space?

Yes, all Cricut cutting machines have the same version of Cricut Design Space App. Depending on the machine used, the Cricut app will modify the accessible options, such as tools, material cut settings, and material load options.

Is the power cord for the Cricut Maker the same as the one for the Explore?

The output of 3A is the capacity of the power adapter for the new Maker power adapter. The output of Cricut Explore machines is 2.5 Amps. You may charge a mobile device while using the machine and get a cutting force that is ten times stronger.

Is there a Fast Mode on the Cricut Maker?

Yes, Cricut Maker has Fast Mode. Especially when utilizing specific settings for vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock, the Fast Mode option allows cutting and writing up to two times as quickly as with the Cricut Explore Air.


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