T-shirts for men are one of the most inexpensive and sought-after pieces of clothing for men. They are made with lightweight cotton fabric; they are the ultimate go-to when you want to wear something ultra-comfortable yet uber-stylish. Every men’s western wear brand has a range of t-shirts that can easily elevate your everyday look. From polos for men, t-shirts and half-sleeve t-shirts to full-sleeve t-shirts for men, you can browse through the vast collection available at ONE. Even though T-shirts are perfect for a casual look, it doesn’t mean you compromise on style. We reveal the secret to how to look cool and edgy when donning a simple T-shirt or polos for men

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Classy, causal and comfortable 

Days are long, and running errands is tiring thus casual outfits for every day should be comfortable. We all know that there is nothing more comfortable than a polo shirt or a classy t-shirt for men. You can always style a polo shirt with your most comfortable denim jeans and sneakers. Striped polo shirts are perfect for a casual day at the university or hangouts. 

Here are a few tips on how to style your t-shirt and polos for a fashionable look: 

Getting the right fit 

Fit is crucial when selecting a T-shirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s woven out of fabric spun from the hair of angels, if it doesn’t sit right, it’s never going to look good. 

Men’s T-shirts are easy to style. However, before buying your favorite t-shirts, it is essential to understand your body type. A regular-fit t-shirt looks good on all body types. You can also experiment with wearing different t-shirts and choose the one that looks the best on you. Stylish t-shirts for men with different fits will set you apart from the crowd. 

Graphic polo shirts
Yarn Dyed Tee White/Maroon

Graphic polo shirts for the young at heart 

T-shirts for men can look good when you add a splash of print. Graphic polo shirts offer an extra layer of personality to your look. Moreover, printed T-shirts can say a lot about you as a person as per the graphics you pick. When it comes to printed t-shirts, they can be paired with chinos or a pair of your favorite jeans. You can also buy t-shirts for men online from ONE Clothing, which has a wide array of graphic t-shirts that will take your look to the next level.

graphic t-shirts
Graphic Tee Mustard

Polos for a semi-formal event

Polo t-shirts are an excellent option when it comes to a semi-formal outfit. On days when you want to shuffle things up, opt for a well-fitted polo tee that can look bright and sharp. Polos for men can be paired with sleek dress pants or chinos. You can also wear polo t-shirts to equestrian events. The best t-shirts for men are available at ONE Clothing; they are trendy and stylish and offer many fitting options.

You can pair them up with chinos or dress pants and finish off your semi-formal look with a blazer. 

Polos for men
Textured Polo Navy

Style up for any Occasion with the perfect t-shirt 

Polos and t-shirts for men are very versatile and can be worn for a wide range of occasions, from a laid-back day at the university to a fun-filled birthday celebration. It all depends on how you style up the rest of the outfit. 

At its most casual,  polos for men can be worn with a good pair of fitted shorts and casual canvas sneakers. To up this laid-back style, swap the shorts for denim jeans or chinos, although if you want to avoid a too formal look you should avoid khaki.

t-shirts for men
Graphic Polo Navy

For a more formal look, you can replace the denim jeans or chinos with a pair of dress pants with dress shoes.  Throw on a classy belt and tuck in the polo. Pair this with a pair of loafers and a nice watch and your look is complete. Choosing monochrome colors is always the more fashionable and formal option, but retro-styled wool knit polos for men can be a stylish option for those that can pull it off.

You can always put on a blazer to finish off your formal look while keeping it comfortable. 

Your destination for all men’s western wear 

Hey! While I gave you some insights on how to rock a simple t-shirt for men for any occasion, ONE Clothing has got you covered in terms of style and durability. Whether you’ve got evening plans, a daytime party, or a formal event, they offer the trendiest men western wear.  So hurry up and get your looks sorted with ONE’s Exclusive Summer Collection. You can visit their store or order online.

Happy Shopping!