You enjoy your box braids, but the happiness is often short-lived. The fear of losing the freshness and crispiness soon creeps in, and you are left with fuzzy box braids. You can always reach out to your stylist to get the freshness back, but how often do you think you’ll have to make the trip?

Probably more than you can imagine! This is the sole reason we bring a simple yet practical guide with top methods to help you. Do you like to know how to make box braids look fresh? Continue reading.

What is Box Braids?

Jazz up your look with box braids
Jazz up your look with box braids

Long medium box braids are one of the best protective hairstyles sought after by several women. They can be installed with the help of synthetic hair or human hair and can last anywhere between six to eight weeks. The box-shaped hair divisions help in protecting the natural hair and enhance growth.

This hairstyle is very significant in African communities. Hair braiding goes a long way back, and it was once used to differentiate tribes. As time progressed, box braids hairstyles became very popular among young women of African communities.

How to Refresh Box Braids

Box braids hairstyles
Box braids hairstyles

Box braids hairstyles have been around for quite some time and are preferred by many. When it comes to box braids, women often look for ways to maintain freshness even after weeks. You may follow a few easy methods to freshen up your box braids, which are as follows:

#Scalp Cleansing:

This is the best and most straightforward way to keep the braids as fresh as ever. The scalp is the skin’s most important part, nourishing the hair. Leaving the braids unattended can result in dirt and dandruff sticking around. You can follow these steps to clean the scalp:

  1. Take a bottle with a nozzle and fill it with shampoo and water.
  2. Point the bottle at the spots between the braids on your scalp and squeeze out the diluted shampoo
  3. Now rub thoroughly and wash without opening the braids.
  4. Allow the scalp to dry naturally.

#Cover the Braids:

Use satin or silk cloth to cover the braids and scalp while sleeping. This helps keep the individual hair strands in position and prevents the braids from loosening up. Satin bonnets help in keeping the edges intact. This also helps in retaining the moisture content of the box braids.

#Replenish the Moisture:

One way to replenish the moisture of your braids is to use a moisturizing hair spray. You can opt for a long-lasting coconut oil hair spray. Also, hair spray is recommended just after washing the hair. This helps prevent excess moisture loss during drying.

#Braid New Growth:

Since box braid and twist box braids styles can be left alone for weeks at a stretch, new hair growth can give a fuzzy and matte look. The best form to deal with this is to braid the new development. This helps keep the box braid intact while adding volume to your scalp. However, it would be best if you did not forget to follow the maintenance regime.

Box braids are common and are the best protective hairstyle. For those of you who want to avoid making frequent trips to the salon, these tips and tricks will surely help. If you want to buy human braiding hair for box braids, check out Indique Hair. The brand offers high-quality braiding extensions made of 100% human hair. Visit the website now and buy the best human hair extensions at the best price!