Home workouts are the most comfortable workouts as you get to do it with the end number of failed attempts. The only disadvantage of home workouts is a lack of resources and equipment. But if you have wall mounted pull-up bar at home, we can help you tone your full-body muscles with eight easy exercises. 


Remember, combining isometric pushing and pulling movements with some level of creativity can help shape up your whole body muscles. In this article, we will look at some of the easy-to-do home workouts with pull-up bar exercises. Let us get started. 


Burpee Pull-Ups

The burpee pull-ups target the muscles of the middle chest, shoulder, biceps, quads, lats, and hamstrings. Here is how to do a bupree pull-up on a mounted pull up bar


Step 1. Stand facing the pull-up bar.

Step 2. Drop down on the floor in the squat position, pull your body upward with a back kick, and then stay still in a lower push-up position. 

Step 3. Do a full push-up and jump your feet back in the squat position. 

Step 4. Now, with a jump, grab the bar and do a full pull-up. 


Toe Above the Bar

The toe above the bar exercise is a full-strength exercise you would want to know before you buy a pull-up bar. The exercise will tone the muscles of the hips, lats, grip, abdominals, biceps, serratus, and oblique. Let us know look at how to do the toe above the bar exercise.


Step 1: Put your whole weight on the bar by hanging on it. 

Step 2: Raise your body upward to reach above your head while hanging on the bar. 

Step 3: Slowly let down the body without losing the grip on the bar. Repeat it for a few sets. 


L-Sit Pull UP:

The L-sit pull-up exercise targets the muscles of the groin, hip, biceps, lats, middle back, shoulders, abdominals, lats, middle and lower back, and quads. The exercise can help you exercise the core muscles of your body. Let us look at home to do it. 


Step 1: Hang on the pull-up bars. 

Step 2: Raise your legs up in a parallel position to the floor. 

Step 3: Pull your body up without changing your leg’s position. Slowly lower your body. Do pull up and down in the same position for a few rounds. 


Hanging Knee Raises:

The hanging knee targets the muscles of the abdominis, hip, and obliques. To perform this exercise, you need to:


Step 1: Hang on the bars with your hands apart from each other. 

Step 2: Raise your knees slowly to your shoulder and stop when your thighs reach your chest. 

Step 3: Lower your legs in a straight position and repeat the exercise. 


Around the World:

The Around the World exercise only focuses on lats muscles. It is a simple exercise that lets you rest your legs in between. Here is how to do it. 


Step 1: Hang on the pull-up bar. 

Step 2: Raise your body to swing your legs in a clock position or circular position. The circular motion has to be a big round. 

Step 3: Allow your legs to move from left to right in a circular position repeatedly. 

You can always pause the exercise when you feel tired and repeat as much as you can.


90 Degree Hang

The 90-degree hand exercise focuses on lats, rhomboids, biceps, and shoulder muscles. It is also one of the easiest exercises to do at home. Here is how to do it. 


Step 1: Pull up your body.

Step 2: Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle. 

Step 3: Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. 


Bat Wing Chin-Up

The batwing chin-up exercise focuses on the lats, triceps, and biceps. Let us look at how to do it. 


Step 1: Hold the bars with both your hands. Keep the hands at a minimal distance. 

Step 2: Pull your body up to the chin. 

Step 3: Keep the elbow close to the body and hole the position when you chin up for at least 10 seconds. 


The Inverse Ladder: 

The inverse ladder focuses on the lats, pectoral, biceps, deltoid, chest, and trapezius muscles. It is the most aggressive exercise on the list. Here is how to do it. 


Step 1: Do ten pull-ups as you hang on the bar and one push-up on the floor. 

Step 2: Do nine pull-ups as you hand on the bar and twp push up on the floor. 

Step 3: Keep reducing the number of pull-ups and increase the number of push-ups on the floor. 

Step 4: Take a minute break and repeat the exercise. 


Exercising on the pull-up bar for the home wall can help strengthen the core muscles. You can do these exercises in a routine and keep your body in shape without going to gyms. Good luck!