If the passenger wants to rebook the philippine airline for some reason, they can use the online or offline option. When they rebook the flight, they should know the terms and conditions. To know about philippine airlines rebooking, they should read all the information on the website or speak with the airline representative on the phone.

Terms and Conditions to Rebook Flight with the Philippine Airline.

  • Travelers are allowed to rebook their flight within 24 hours of the reservation if they rebook their flight after 24 hours.

  • Passengers can rebook their flight if the traveler plan gets disrupted due to covid-19.

  • You don’t have to pay the charges if the airline rebooks your flight.

  • If the passenger did the first time rebooking, the airline would not charge any difference fee.

  • If the passenger makes the rebooking many times, the airline will charge the fare difference.

  • Travelers can rebook their flight within 60 days of booking the flight.

  • If you travel internationally, you can rebook your flight within 24 hours of the original date.

  • If the traveler book the flight with the super saver, economy, business, or super value, they can reschedule their flight within 72 hours.

The Process to Rebook the Flight.

  • Rebook the flight via the manage booking option.

Travelers can rebook the flight via the manage booking option. This option is available on the website or the app. They can use it anywhere and rebook their flight as quickly as possible. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Philippine Airlines.

  2. Click on the manage booking option.

  3. Enter your confirmation code and other required details.

  4. Click on the change option and select flight.

  5. Now, provide the required information and tap on submit option.

  6. According to the airline, passengers must pay the charges if they rebook their flight after 24 hours.

  7. Pay the charges and receive the confirmation on the registered email and text from the airline.