What do you understand by Cyber Crime?

Cybercrime is a type of crime that takes place online through the use of technology and is classified as such. Any illegal or criminal act that uses a computer or networked device, either directly or indirectly, to commit additional crimes is considered cybercrime.

Examples of common cybercrimes include phishing, hacking, virus attacks, credit card fraud, and cyber terrorism. The Indian Information Technology Act explicitly states that a cyber crime complaint can be filed at any cyber cell due to its global jurisdiction.

Types of Cyber Crimes in India

  1. Personal data and information leak

Cybercrime is made up of many different kinds of actions. Crimes involving basic violations of personal or business privacy, such as attacks on the authenticity of information stored in digital depositors and the misuse of illegally obtained metadata to blackmail an individual or business, are at one end of the spectrum. At this end of the scale, identity theft is yet another major crime.

  1. Financial misdoings

Exchange based wrongdoings incorporate extortion, computerised robbery, dealing with youngster sexual entertainment, forging, illegal tax avoidance and so on., The perpetrator hides behind the Internet’s relative anonymity, despite the fact that these are individual crimes involving specific victims.

  1. Corrupt informational data

The intentional alteration of data by individuals working for organizations or government agencies for political or financial gain is another aspect of this kind of crime. Crimes that involve attempting to disrupt the operation of the Internet itself are at the other end of the spectrum.

These include hacking, spam, and denial-of-service attacks on specific websites, as well as cyberterrorism, the use of the Internet to cause harm to the public and even death. Cyberterrorism is the use of the Internet by non-state actors to disrupt a nation’s technological and economic infrastructure.

In all such cases, it becomes difficult to find the rightful cyber crime solutions. Filing of reports and complaints takes up a lot of legal knowledge which might not be accessible to all the individuals owing to scarcity of time or money. However, to deal with such issues and overcome in advice online at Insaaf99.com, wherein you would find an enormous set of professional lawyers and consultants who would help you with the legal procedures and offer advice during the process.

How do I report a cyber crime in India?

A formal statement prepared by an online lawyer consultation and filed with any cybercrime unit in India is the first step for a cybercrime complainant. As a result of the Information Technology Act’s inclusion of cybercrime in global jurisdiction, anyone can access any cybercrime cell.

  1. You can file a cybercrime complaint either offline or online at https://cybercrime.gov.in/. On a work day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you can likewise call the Service of Home Issues’ committed cybercrime objection line at 155260.
  2. The cybercrime application letter should be shipped off the Top of the Cybercrime Cell and incorporate data, for example, name, address email I.D., and telephone number.
  3. Depending on the nature of the cybercrime, specific documents are required to file a complaint. This requirement is dependent on the offense and serves as evidence to back up a case.
  4. You can file a FIR with the local police station if your city does not have a cybercrime cell. Contact the city’s Commissioner or Judicial Magistrate if they refuse to take the complaint.

Instructions to Document a Complaint On the web:

  • You have the option of filing a cybercrime complaint online in one of the following ways:
  • Visit https://cybercrime.gov.in and click the ‘Document a grumbling’ button.
  • Click the “Report other cybercrime” option on the following screen after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Choose the “citizen login” selection. After that enter the important data.
  • Press the submit button after entering the OTP and completing the captcha.
  • Complete the form on the subsequent page. There are four sections in this section: see the data prior to submitting it.
  • You will be then taken to a page with occurrence subtleties. Include specifics about the crime and supporting evidence. C choose “Save and Continue.”
  • Please provide any information you have about the alleged suspect on the following page.
  • Click the submit button after you have completed all of the fields.

Documents required for common Cyber Crimes

 Reports Expected to Record A Substance:

For an email abuse complaint, a written complaint that describes the entire incident, a copy of the alleged criminal’s mail, the entire subject line of the suspected email, and hard and soft copies of the email trail mail.

Counterfeit calls, Web banking, and false monetary internet based exchanges or lottery tricks

  • Bank explanation duplicates for the past a half year
  • Charges of fake exchanges will be underlined
  • Confirmation of spam SMS or guaranteed misleading email chain
  • Duplicate of address and recognizable proof according to bank records
Grievances about information robbery
  • Duplicate of the taken material, including the copyright endorsement
  • Insights regarding the employee(s) who purportedly took the information
  • Arrangement letter and NDA with the supposed representative


Around digitalization, one should be extremely cautious while managing what is happening. If you become a victim, you should file a complaint as soon as possible to stop the offender from causing any more trouble. The digital wrongdoing office in India is advanced and effectively tracks down the agitators. The laws governing cybercrime are not simple. So yes, when you use the internet again, use caution and be aware. Contact Insaaf99.com for any additional inquiries or assistance. яндекс