If there’s even a time when your hair and makeup need to be spot on, it’s on your wedding day. But even the most well-groomed among us can feel overwhelmed by the myriad styles and products available to choose from. Get ready to be more beautiful than ever before. We’ve consulted with the experts to discover everything you need to know about bridal beauty. Makeup Artist In Mumbai

Whether you’re doing it yourself or employing a professional, have a trial about a month before the wedding day to work out exactly what you want and ensure you’re well prepared.

Your bridal look needs to work with your dress design, so show your makeup artist and hairstylist a sketch or photo of the dress. If your gown has a dramatically detailed bodice, for example, yo hairstylist may advise you wear your hair up to draw attention to the neckline. Best Bridal Makeup Artist in India

Cut out magazine images of hair and makeup looks that inspire you to help narrow down the style you want. When flipping through the pages, keep in mind your skin own colouring and hair length.

Look at pictures of fashion from different eras and find a style that has what you want. It could be a strong lip colour to accentuate your mouth, a pretty blush to give a natural glow to your face or a fashion forward eyeshadow look to bring the focus to your eyes. Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

Consider your venue and the vibe of your event when choosing your makeup and hair style. If you’re having a laid-back beach party in the height of summer, natural makeup and relaxed hair is the perfect combination. A formal event suits looks that exude polished glamour.

Avoid choosing a look that’s too different from your usual style. Your wedding day isn’t the time to try something too different – your groom wants to see you walking down the aisle, not someone he doesn’t recognize.

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