Are you frustrated by the fees and commissions charged by your Louisville real estate agent? Do you find their process long and you want your cash now? Read on to learn how to sell your home without using one!


Stay Below Market

Most homeowners wouldn’t want to sell their property at a loss, but if you’re dealing with a financial emergency, this might be the way to go. Regular consumers and investors are looking for great deals, and if yours is priced below market, you might just receive an offer sooner.


Market Your House Actively

One drawback of working with a realtor is that you have to do the marketing alone. If you need the money urgently, you must promote your home nonstop! Make sure to put out catchy signs, send out flyers, and advertise your listing on social media. You might also want to clean up a little and invest in professional photography before adding your home to property listings.


Approach Direct Home Buying Companies

Property buyers like Favor Home Solutions can afford to pay for your house in cash, so you can get your money right away. They work swiftly and can typically close a deal in less than two weeks. Best of all, you can keep everything from the sale because there are no closing fees or commissions. If you want to compare selling your house to Favor Home Solutions vs. selling with a realtor, visit