This blog post is meant for people who are independent designers or craftspeople who sell on Etsy. Article for people who make accessories earrings and necklaces, how to jump on the minimalism trend.

Minimalism has been one of the most popular aesthetics for years now. It is sleek, modern and timeless—all qualities that draw people in and keep them coming back. As an independent designer or craftsperson selling on Etsy, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd. With so many people making minimalistic jewelry, how can you make sure yours stands out?

Focus on Unique Materials

And let’s first emphasize that unique does not necessarily mean more expensive.

The first step is to focus on materials that are rare and not used as often by other designers. For example, well-processed gems, wood resin, Fimo clay beads, or colored pearls all have the potential to draw attention and make your designs stand out from the pack.

You could also focus on leather and more masculine undertones in your products.

If you use materials that are unique or unusual, your pieces will look more special than those that use standard materials like glass beads or metal chains.

Think Outside the Box with Color Combinations

Another way to give your jewelry a unique twist is by thinking outside of the box when it comes to color combinations.

Instead of sticking with classic pairings like black and white or navy blue and gold, try experimenting with different shades and hues. Think purples paired with greens, vibrant blues combined with oranges and browns, or turquoise set against gold accents. These unexpected combinations can help make your pieces truly one-of-a-kind!

Invest in Quality Branding

Finally, investing in quality branding can help make a big impact on potential customers. Make sure your logo design is up-to-date and reflects your brand’s aesthetic (minimalist if applicable, but could also be dark feminine or kawaii or cottagecore).

Plus be sure to include attractive product photos on each page of your store as well as pictures of yourself wearing your jewelry if possible—this type of content helps build trust with shoppers who may not have seen it in person before buying it online. You should also consider investing in influencers who wear your jewellery so that their followers see it too!

Minimalism continues to be one of the most popular aesthetics around but because there are so many independent designers selling similar products online, it is also one of the most crowded marketplaces around today. To ensure that your designs stand out from the competition there are several things you can do such as focusing on unique materials that aren’t used often by other designers, thinking outside of the box when it comes to color combinations for added visual interest, and investing in quality branding for better customer reach. By following these tips you will be able to give yourself an edge when it comes time for millenials shopping for accessories!