India is the third-largest market for products and services worldwide. The majority of business owners in India choose to purchase a franchise because there are so many affordable franchise options accessible.

As you may already be aware, franchisees can make money by taking an international education franchise because of the rising popularity of this industry. In India, there are several low-investment franchise opportunities in the rapidly growing field of international education. These opportunities offer substantial returns for little outlays of capital. Women in India can benefit from this franchise business opportunity as well.

This article explains how to invest in franchises for international education and obtain a good return on your money.

How to Start a Low-Investment Overseas Education Franchise with a High Return

  1. The first is Commission Sharing from Tied-Up Institutions

Commissions from their affiliated schools provide Overseas Education Franchisees with a large portion of their return on investment. Your earning potential will increase as you submit more successful applications. Give the students the best selections after thoroughly examining their profiles. You will benefit from big returns thanks to this.

  1. Adapting your services to the needs of students

In a study abroad consultancy franchise, the needs of the students are the centre of everything you do. As a service provider, you must first comprehend the demands of the students before providing the appropriate services to assist them. Cast your services while taking the needs of the students into consideration. The student will have a positive service experience as a result of this. The student will tell others about your offerings, which will increase your earning potential.

  1. Providing help with test preparation

The IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and other admission qualifying tests, as well as the SAT, GMAT, and GRE, are required for all significant study destinations. Franchisees are able to offer services for test preparation support due to the expanding need for these tests. This is a fantastic opportunity to provide extra services that can help you increase your franchisee income.

  1. Outperforming your Goals

As you may already be aware, this sector offers some of the highest returns on investment. Each franchisee model has specific performance requirements that must be followed. Similar to this, if you surpass your goals, you can receive an additional commission percentage in recognition of your exceptional achievement.

  1. Compensation for Additional Support

Another approach to achieve a large return on a small investment in an international education franchise business is through the commissions you may make by offering auxiliary assistance, such as housing, loans for international schooling, setting an international bank account, insurance coverage, etc. Your investment returns will come in faster if you receive various services.

Your little investment in international education will yield big returns thanks to the methods of supplementary services discussed above. Look for an international education franchise if you’re seeking for the top franchise in India or you can be a partner with overseas education consultants.

One of the most lucrative enterprises in India, this franchise has attracted many accomplished businesspeople.