How to store iced wines at your place? Well, investing in custom wine cellars in Australia can be of help. With the right storage conditions, wine cellars are the best for storing wines. But you must know that iced wines are different from regular wines. Compared to other wines, iced wines come with a sweet taste, deriving the name ‘dessert wines.’ With lively acidity and residual sugar, most ice wines tend to store well. Some ice wines can even last for 20 – 30 years.

Unlike some table wines, ice wines can be consumed after a few hours of purchasing them. But if you want to enjoy the changes in its flavour through aging, you can keep them in home cellars. Like all wines, iced wines also have specific requirements to store them for aging. So, you should ensure that you’ve got the right condition in the home cellar to age your favourite iced wines.

Let’s discuss something more about iced wine storage in the below blog.

Things to know about storing iced wines in custom in-house wine storage

Even though iced wines can be consumed after the purchase, you can age them to enjoy later. And if you store them rightfully, you can age the iced wines finely for about 10 years without any compromises. Once aged, the flavour of iced wines becomes syrupy with a hint of hazelnut and maple or molasses.

But you should ensure that you’re storing your iced wines in the right way. Here’re some expert tips to follow,

1. Keep your iced wines in a wine refrigerator/cooler before consuming them to give them the perfect temperature.

2. If you’re storing your iced wines to enjoy them later, ensure to keep them somewhere dark and cool.

3. Ensure that your wine cellar is free from vibrations and natural light while maintaining a consistent temperature of 12o C. – 15o C. Make sure that the iced wines you’ve chosen are ageable. Not all iced wines will benefit from aging. So, if you’re a wine collector, you should consider Riesling for long aging. Others like Merlot and Cabernet Franc should be consumed when they’re young.

4. You should finish the iced wine within 3 – 5 days once the bottle is opened. Having high sugar content, iced wines must be enjoyed within days after opening, if stored in the wine refrigerator or cellar.

5. If you’re planning to enjoy your iced wine after purchasing it, put it in the fridge only for 1 – 2 hours before serving. Never overchill the iced wines, as it can freeze them and ruin their flavour/aroma.

6. You can store your iced wines in a freezer, but ensure that the temperature is within 15o C. Anything lower than that can freeze iced wines, as wine gets frozen at a temperature that’s lower than the water’s freezing point. Thus, you should avoid leaving your iced wine bottles at a lower temperature for long.

7. If you can’t finish the iced wine bottle after opening it, ensure to recork it and put it in the cellar as soon as possible.

What food goes better with iced wines?

For its sweet taste, most people love to enjoy iced wines with their desserts. Well, in that case, make sure that your dessert isn’t sweeter than your iced wines.

Despite the high sugar content, iced wines are sweet, but they aren’t only for desserts. You can enjoy a bottle of your favourite iced wine with seafood and main course dishes. Something that involves caramelised flavour will go better.

Fruit-based desserts will be fine with white iced wines while red iced wines are better with dark chocolate. You can also pair them with a wide variety of cheeses like aged cheese, blue-veined, etc.

For main courses, you can pair your favourite iced wines with something spicy like Indian, Thai, Creole or Mexican. It can hold a nice balance on your plate.

Concluding with,

Do you have a variety of iced wine collections at home? Ensure that you’re storing them in the right way. Investing in custom house wine cellars in Australia can be a great idea. All you’ll have to do is hire a professional cellar builder.