We all need to have good relationships with Allah if we want to live in peace. Having a strong faith all the time isn’t easy. In reality, people were not made to feel this connection with God all the time. But this is where things get hard. This is what life is all about. Muslims from all over the world are getting together in Makkah and Madina this month to strengthen this link. Reserve March Umrah Package Deals in Manchester make it easy for people in Manchester to do so.

Selflessness – Eethaar

Muhasibi’s advice is more about how things work in real life than about ideas. In this deep speech, he tells us that the best way to get closer to Allah Almighty is to practise “eethaar,” which means putting others before ourselves. Eethaar is shown when you put your guest’s needs ahead of your own. The Ansar, or people who lived in Madinah, welcomed the people from Makkah with open arms. Even when they only had a little food, they would give it to their guests without telling them. Once, the family turned down the lights so that their guests wouldn’t know they were hungry.

Observe your agreement with Allah – Wafa

People who are admitted to hospitals in large numbers show that this is true. We have no idea who will come next. May Allah heal everyone who is sick. Ya Allah, help those who are sick to get better.

Our days are scarce. They are few enough that you can count them. Even though we are in our nineties, there aren’t that many of us in the akhirah. If this is true, it is clear that time is running out. Even with this limitation, we still have too much to do. What should we do? We have a long list of things to do, and there aren’t many days left in the world. What is the most important thing? We have to do this right away because time is running out and there won’t be a second chance. We don’t want to say, “I wish I had done this or that” when we die.

Some people in Jannah will ask Allah to send them back. When Allah Almighty asks if they want anything, they would say that they want to come back to the world to do more good things. And these people died because they loved Allah, and they wanted to go back to Dunya so they could die for Him again. Allah Almighty will say that He made a promise that He wouldn’t send anyone back to Dunya. Recognize how weak you are while keeping a promise that isn’t always easy. Don’t let your skill or power scare you.

Be Thankful – shukr

Thank Allah all the time. Someone will always have it much worse than you do. Also, there is always something to be thankful for. One important part is to develop “sukr-eyes,” which means to be aware of the good luck all around you. And what better way to show God how much you appreciate him than to spend Ramadan in Makkah and Medina? The Five Star December Umrah Packages From UK makes this possible for people who live in the UK.

Read Quran

The Holy Quran, which Allah gave to Muhammad through his life and teachings, can help all Muslims find wisdom and direction (PBUH). Even saying just one line of the Quran can have a bigger effect. We recently showed you the Facts about the Quran, which told you how the Quran helps strengthen bonds of friendship and love.


No matter how bad your sin is, if you really say you’re sorry and promise to never do it again, Allah will forgive you right away.

Thank Allah for all that he has given you.

No matter what Allah has given us, we should always thank him for his kindness. Most people only thank Allah when they get something material, but it is your duty to thank Allah for the gifts of sight, touch, and movement he has given you.

Submit to his Tests

Allah tests his followers in whatever way he thinks is best, whether by giving or taking away their money, health, or any other good or bad thing. Also, God willing, those who can overcome his challenges will get even better rewards.

Give up your grudges and forgive those who have hurt you.

It would help if you first forgave yourself. Then you could move on to forgiving others. Even though holding a grudge and trying to get even may make your life harder, neither strategy is likely to get you what you want. Instead of doing things that will make your life hard, you should learn from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) how to forgive and ask Allah to forgive you and others.