Styling different jewelry items is not an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Jewelry is meant to highlight aspects of your outfit and body, while striking a balance that completes your look.

Statement pieces in particular, like designer jewelry, can do an excellent job of making an impression. Proper styling of jewelry items can help make you the center of attention.

While designer jewelry may seem out of budget, there are affordable alternatives. Consignment online shops supply designer jewelry in excellent condition at lower prices than the high street.

With the right selection and styling of different jewelry items, you can make a truly lasting impression.

Here’s how.

● Start with What Not to Wear

When styling different jewelry items to make an impression, you must first ensure you are not making the wrong impression. For example, wearing bangles or bracelets to work may seem like a good idea, but it is not if you plan to type on a keyboard a lot.

Similarly, if you plan to go horse riding, long necklaces and chains may not be ideal. It is important to choose jewelry items according to the occasion, action, and onlookers. Your evening jewelry may be very different from the jewelry you wear to church.

It is entirely possible to wear the wrong type of jewelry items for an occasion and make a poor impression of yourself. So, your first step should be to figure out the jewelry items that you should avoid for certain occasions.

● Strike a Balance

Depending on your outfit, jewelry items can either steal the show or spoil the look. You must consider the print, fabric, and overall look of your outfit to strike a balance with your choice of jewelry items.

For example, if you wear an intricate or busy print, heavy, ornate, or loud jewelry items may spoil the look, no matter how great the outfit and jewelry look on their own. It’s a recipe for disaster that can result in you looking tacky and gaudy.

Skip the showy pieces and opt for solid and simple jewelry items like earrings, watches, and bracelets. Similarly, consider the fabric of your outfit as well. Ruffled fabrics and heavy-stitch clothing may also clash with ornate and loud jewelry items.

Opt for jewelry pieces that are subtle yet still manage to accentuate aspects of your look, like the neckline, cuffs, and shoulders.

● Highlight Your Facial Features with Earrings

Speaking of highlighting aspects of your look, you should consider earrings that highlight your face, especially if you plan to tie your hair back. Making an impression starts with you, and earrings can help highlight you and your face in the best way.

To achieve this, you will have to add bold, extravagant, flashy, shiny, or glittery designer statement earrings to your collection. While designer jewelry may sound expensive, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on them.

You can easily find a stylish collection of affordable designer jewelry items and accessories including statement earrings at consignment stores in Baton Rouge.You should also consider the shape of your face when selecting statement earrings. For example, bolder studs and triangle-shaped earrings are a great way to highlight your cheekbones if you have an oval-shaped face.

Drop earrings that are not pointy at the bottom can really help bring out the features of heart-shaped faces. Hoops work best with such faces.

Ultimately, statement earrings highlight your facial features and help you look your best self!

● Compliment Your Skin

Styling jewelry items to make an impression requires you to consider jewelry according to your skin tone. The best combination and styling of jewelry items don’t just pair well with an outfit or look, but they pair well with skin tones as well.

For example, yellow metals like gold are excellent at illuminating brunette hair or matte skin tones, whereas silver metals are capable of highlighting most neutral skin tones. As mentioned before, you want to strike a balance with jewelry items.

So, consider styling your jewelry items according to your outfit and skin tone. As a general rule of thumb, yellow metals like gold and gemstones in green, orange, and yellow pair best with warmer skin tones.

Whereas, white gold, silver, and blue, red, and purple gemstones pair well with cooler skin tones. Of course, precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds can make a statement or impression on their own as well, regardless of the wearer’s skin tone.

● Mix Colors for a Trendy Look

Warm colors like fiery red and amber stones pair great with contrasting shades of blue or purple. This means you can pair a royal blue top with a set of sparkling rubies to complete your look and make a great impression on any onlooker.

Similarly, an orange or yellow outfit can make your dark blue or deep green gems pop and catch everyone’s attention. If you really want to wow others, you will have to find that sweet spot where warm and cool shades present themselves in perfect harmony.

This is what it’s all about!

Bold jewelry items like black or gold pieces, when paired with simple, classic clothing, can do wonders!. Picture yourself in a black cocktail dress and ornate gold jewelry.

Don’t stop there. Imagine yourself in an elegant white dress, wearing fine gold jewelry studded with black gems, or a fresh spring outfit in neutral colors, paired with jewelry featuring natural colors; beautiful blue topaz earrings and gemstone pendants come to mind.

Consider pearls, for example. They add a certain grace to any look. Whether you’re wearing trousers, a blazer, or a sundress, pearls are sure to elevate your look. However, when styled with grays, greens, and deep blue, they’re in a league of their own.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, this is what accessorizing and styling jewelry items is all about. Use these items to highlight your face, complexion, and outfit in a balanced and subtle way. Ideally, you want to strike a balance with materials, colors, and even shapes.

There is no one way of styling jewelry to make an impression. It all depends on your overall look and the areas you want to highlight. Following these words of wisdom, you should have no trouble making an impression with your jewelry items at the next party you’re invited to.

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