Dogs can behave badly at times. It is in their nature to be aggressive but with proper nurturing and behavioral training, you can easily tame any aggressive dog. But how to properly take care of an aggressive dog?

In this article, we will be discussing the important things you should do when trying to take care of an aggressive dog.

Aggression is not always difficult to combat. But you must have proper skills to face it and must know strategies to calm the dog down as soon as possible. So here are some things you can follow to reduce aggression in your dogs and make them behave more appropriately.

Avoid aggression triggering environment

Your dog may not always be aggressive. But certain environments or people or other pets can trigger their aggression. If you find such trigger points, then try to avoid them initially. If you find your dog to become aggressive when seeing a friend or relative, try to leash or cage your dog before their arrival and let the dog don’t see them.

Similarly, if your dog behaves aggressively with other pets, you must initially avoid other pets in front of it. But with gradual behavior modification, you can treat this issue.

You can introduce the pet gradually to the environment or if it is a person then you can ask them to feed. In this way, you can reduce aggression and make them friendly.

Check for an underlying medical condition

If your dog was doing fine and sudden unexpected changes in the behavior can be due to an underlying condition. So when you find your dog to be unusually aggressive, take it to a vet and perform a thorough medical checkup. If there was any medical condition causing the issue, you can simply treat it and make your dog behave normally.

Aggression during eating

Sometimes your dog is only aggressive when it is having its food. This is a problem that stems from the feeling that there may be someone competing for the food. So, the dog will always be fierce when eating and no one can be near it.

Treating this condition is quite easy if there aren’t any competitors for its food. You can make them feel safe and let them understand that no one is fighting for their food. You can leave the dog alone after placing the food and you can provide treats occasionally to make them feel comfortable.


If your lovable dog has become aggressive or you have bought an aggressive dog, then you must try to follow these guidelines and try to tame them. You can make them behave properly and start socializing them gradually. In this way, you can make the dog more amicable.