League of Legends, known for its vast selection of champion skins and in-game cosmetic options, offers players an array of choices to personalize their gaming experience. With over 1,500 skins available for more than 160 champions, there’s something for every player. But what if you’re yearning for a custom skin of your own design in LoL? Is it possible, and if so, how can you make it happen? This article will explore the options for acquiring custom skins in LoL.

Is It Possible to Install Custom Skins in LoL?

The short answer is no, you cannot legally install custom or modified skins in the official League of Legends client. Riot Games, the developer of LoL, generates substantial revenue from selling skins, making it highly unlikely they would allow players to incorporate their own skins into the game. Doing so could lead to various issues, including copyright infringements.

Furthermore, the LoL client is designed to detect third-party programs attempting to run in the game. Even the most harmless mods could result in the loss of your LoL Unranked Accounts, temporary suspension, or even an IP ban. Attempting to install custom skins is a risky endeavor that can jeopardize your ability to play LoL.

While there were a few mods in the past that allowed access to all in-game skins without payment, they only affected what you could see; other players would still see the default or available skins on your account. These mods were eventually banned for the reasons mentioned above and were known to cause technical issues, ultimately degrading the gaming experience.

That said, there is a technically possible but unofficial way to enjoy custom skins, although you’ll never be able to use them on Riot Games’ servers.

How to Acquire Unique Skins

The only way to utilize custom skins is by installing a cracked version of the League of Legends client, which is an unofficial and unauthorized version. By manipulating the game files, you can customize skins for specific champions and test them in a bot game. Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing custom skins:

  1. Navigate to the League of Legends folder.
  2. Find the “assets” folder, then access the “Characters” folder.
  3. Locate the folder containing the champion whose skin you want to modify.
  4. Look for the champion’s skin file.
  5. Overwrite it with your custom skin file, ensuring they share the same file name. You can also edit existing skins using a photo editor.

It’s important to note that this method allows you to see custom skins in your game only; other players won’t be able to see them. While you won’t face penalties for this on a cracked client, it won’t be possible to showcase your custom skins to others.

LoL Offers an Abundance of Official Skins

Riot Games has introduced various ways for players to obtain more skins compared to the past, including free methods. Hextech crafting enables players to unlock skins through skin shards or rerolls, allowing for the acquisition of even the most exclusive skins through gameplay and a dash of luck. Many players have managed to obtain rare skins, such as Ultimate skins, through rerolls.

It’s advisable to avoid downloading apps that promise custom skins, as they may contain viruses, spyware, malware, or other harmful elements that could harm your PC and privacy.

Create Your Own Skins and Build Your Portfolio

If you aspire to create custom skins and see them integrated into the game legally, consider building a portfolio showcasing your work. You can then apply for open positions at Riot Games through their career page.

Another strategy is to share your creations on social media to gauge community interest in your work. If your work garners attention and is of high quality, you might catch the eye of Riot Games, potentially leading to an opportunity to collaborate with the company officially. While this is a challenging goal, it can be incredibly rewarding and, most importantly, lawful.


Acquiring custom skins in LoL remains an elusive dream within the official client, but players can still enjoy a vast array of skins through legitimate means. Additionally, for aspiring skin designers, there’s always the possibility of working with Riot Games to create official in-game skins.

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