You must have invested your precious time and hard-earned money at the eyelash salon to receive the beauty treatment of lash extensions. Of course, you were longing for that big, bold, and beautiful eyes for so long, and finally, lash extension is enhancing your facial beauty to an optimum extent.

Adding a lash extension is an excellent way to aesthetically enrich your beauty without adding any makeup. In addition to the perks of adding charming-looking eyelash extensions, it also has an additional responsibility to maintain and retain the same. Not just you, but no other female likes to ruin the beautifully fixed lash extensions that sure to offer at least 6 weeks of life before booking an appointment at a salon that offers quality eyelash extensions and lash lifts in Hong Kong.

So, it is imperative on your part to maintain your lash extensions, especially while washing your face and make sure the glue remains intact. For those who do not know, for having a long-lasting appearance of lash extension, it is essential that adhesive glue does not weaken because that may break your lash bond. It generally happens when you wash your face while having the extension on.

However, for attaining a clean and radiant outlook, it is necessary on your part to wash your face to remove dirt, dust, excessive oil, and makeup. But with having your eyelash extension fixed, here’s how you can best wash the face with ease.

  • Avoid contacting the water with your face for the initial 24-48 hours of experiencing the eyelash extension beauty treatment. During this time, the adhesive glue is not fully dried.
  • Washing your face is essential but not with the splash or running water while having your lash extension fixed. You can gently wash the face by taking a few drops of water in hand and apply on the skin. And that too without directly contacting the water with lash extension.
  • To remove the makeup, no such need to use running water. Instead, use a wet sponge to remove the excessive oil and makeup, and stay extra careful while applying the sponge around the eyelash extension.
  • After washing your face gently, you cannot just roughly rub it with a towel. Here also, you need to follow the gentle appeal in seamlessly patting the towel on the face, and that too without directly touching the lash extension.


Getting a beautiful-looking eyelash extension is one fine way of enhancing your facial beauty to an optimum extent. Equally imperative is to maintain the lash extension while gently washing your face and avoid losing the bond of adhesive glue.