A polo t-shirt is the ideal clothing item for many occasions that is neither overly formal nor completely casual. It falls somewhere between a t-shirt and a dress shirt. Moreover, it’s a great top wear to wear on first dates in the summer, at backyard barbecues, and when you’re unsure of where your day or evening’s plans will take you. 

Even for everyday casual wear, a cool, breathable polo t-shirt is just as simple and comfortable as a tee but looks a little more polished, so switching the two is a hassle-free way to update your summer wardrobe.

So, here are some things to keep in mind while styling a polo t-shirt.

Understanding What Fabric Works Well

Buying a polo neck t-shirt doesn’t require much knowledge, but it can be useful to be aware of the different types of fabrics it is available in, especially its two primary types. 

Polos come in a range of materials, including natural and synthetic ones. Silk, polyester and cotton/poly blends are not the best options when buying polo tees because even though they last longer, they aren’t very breathable. The best is cotton. It is comfortable and light, keeping you fresh throughout the day.

Pick the Right Fit

As with all clothing, getting the fit just right is crucial when it comes to wearing a polo tee with style. There are two standards to consider.

  • The t-shirt should be long enough to tuck in and short enough to wear untucked without looking like a nightgown. The bottom hem shouldn’t extend past the bottom of your pants fly or back pockets, and it shouldn’t sit higher than the hip or lower than a few inches below your waistband or belt.
  • Sleeves should begin about halfway down the bicep and end no further than two-thirds of the way down the upper arm.

In general, the polo t-shirt should fit comfortably close to your body. Your chest and arms may feel a little tighter, and they may taper down to your waist.

Choose your Colours Wisely

When deciding on your polo neck t-shirt, the safe colours are black, navy blue and white. These go well with almost anything and are the classic shade. Polos with stripes of contrasting colours are great, too but are more appropriate for casual and semi-formal events.

If you’re looking to get yourself some nice polo t-shirts, Celio India is the site for you. This men’s brand has a variety of high-quality cotton polos that are comfortable and stylish, so you can find what you need to amp up your fashion game. 

Keep Your Comfort and Style in Mind

There are a few ways to style a polo tee and accentuate the look. The most important thing is to trust your gut and comfort. You can button up at least one of the buttons to give off a casual yet put-together aura. Tucking your t-shirt into a nice pair of denim jeans is another great choice. You can leave your t-shirt untucked if you want to go give it a more laid-back look. Whatever you feel comfortable with and suits your body is the best choice.