The vacation rental business is the potential business option for the space or hotel owners. The vacation rental industry is a flourishing platform after the pandemic and it brings many benefits to the hosts and guests.

The trends that govern the rental industry are more. Getting ready to meet the trends is an essential thing for rental business owners. The main trend is to move on to digital solutions. The use of digital solutions makes the rental business stand out in the market.

Since Airbnb clone is a lucrative business model, developing an app like Airbnb is the trendy one with the looks. The metrics that highlight the Airbnb clone app look better are listed as follows:

UX/UI-Design is Eye Catchy

The most appealing factor for the Airbnb clone app is UX/UI design. This is an elegant element that makes the app likable and easy to look at. This is also a qualifying factor in deciding the app’s trust level in the market. This is the main factor to determine how the app is easy to use for the users.

Multi-Feature List

The feature list is the essential option for the Airbnb clone app that makes your rental services unique. Incorporating the following features into the Airbnb clone app makes the rental services smart and unique.

  • Property Search — With the inclusion of a simple-to-use search bar, customers can find the property easily.
  • Favorites
  • Trip Plans
  • Quick Booking
  • Booking Details
  • In-App Chat

Payment Gateways

Smart payment gateways are an important aspect of the mobile application. Making your app look like a seamless one. Explicitly showing payment gateways allows the customers to pay the fee irrespective of the country and currency variations. The rental business owners showing the rental app interestingly enable new bookings.


With the high familiarity level of the Airbnb apps, Airbnb clone apps are growing in parallel. Stay ahead in the market essentially depends on how the app looks and how its features are integrated. Make your Airbnb look better to start rental services uniquely.