Toronto is one of the favorite places for international students from across the globe. It is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario and it provides a lot of fun activities to individuals. Moreover, it is a perfect place to stay for everyone. This is a modern city with great pomp and show. All the facilities as per modern needs are available in Toronto.

Besides, this city is also liked by international students. It offers everything that youngsters want. Moreover, its universities and colleges also provide a world-class education to international students. Among many educational institutes in Toronto, there are five public universities. Among these universities, Toronto Metropolitan University, OCAD, the Université de l’Ontario français, and the University of Toronto are based in downtown Toronto. Another Toronto-based university is York University which operates its main campus in the northwestern portion of North York, and a secondary campus in midtown Toronto.

Student life in Toronto is undoubtedly very enjoyable. Expenses are also reasonable. Here, you will read about these two aspects starting from the cost of living in Toronto for international students.

How’s the Student Life in Toronto and What Are the Expenses over There?

Expenses in Toronto for International Students

Quite obviously, the living costs in the big cities are higher as compared to the suburbs. Toronto is a big city, so you may have to spend money here more than suburbs. But, still, the prices are reasonable as per the facilities of a big city.

The places for student accommodation Toronto are located at different price ranges. The difference is according to the characteristics of each room and the apartment in which the room is located. Its range can start from $375 per month and you can get it at $2200 per month also. So, you can get cheap as well as expensive accommodation here. You can also explore the ways to make student accommodation like home.

If you want a luxury accommodation like a 5-star hotel then you can book an expensive residence of $2200. But, if want a residence at a cheap rate then you can book a place having a price of $375 or sometimes even less. The cheap-priced residences don’t have low quality. Such residences also provide the amenities as per the requirements of modern-day students.

Student Life in Toronto

Student life in Toronto is very good and enjoyable. Below,

you can read about some aspects of Toronto through which you can get an idea of student life in the city.

1) Foreign Student Communities

There are foreign student communities available in Toronto. So, overseas students feel like home while living with their own people. Many students like to stay in Toronto with the people of their own community. If you also prefer to stay with people from your own country or community then you can also choose this.

But, it is highly advised to students to make foreign friends also. It helps them in knowing about different backgrounds & cultures, understanding new perspectives, enriching their knowledge and they have full information about local area. In this way they can help you in daily life challenges.

2) Fun Activities for Students in Toronto

There are a lot of fun activities that students may get in Toronto, which they can enjoy on weekends and other vacations. Plenty of places in Toronto offer such activities to students.

CN Tower is one such place where students can visit and can enjoy walking at the height. From 1975 to 2011, it used to be the tallest structure in the world. Today, it is the ninth-tallest free-standing structure in the world.

Similarly, you can enjoy visiting Centreville Amusement Park in the city and can enjoy plenty of activities.

3) Places for Sightseeing in Toronto

There are a lot of places for sightseeing in Toronto, which allure students and other tourists. Here’s the list of some top places over there, which are listed below

4) Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium is one of the latest attractions in Toronto. It is near the base of the CN Tower. It is a fabulous facility that displays all kinds of marine life. It is one of the most famous things to do in Toronto and you can see a number of families visiting here. It provides a great opportunity to students to enhance their knowledge about marine life. A huge underwater tunnel with a moving sidewalk is the most impressive feature here.

5) Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is among the largest museums in North America. It has a collection of more than 95000 pieces that include works from across the globe. You can witness from European masterpieces to contemporary art in this gallery. Moreover, there is an impressive collection of Canadian art here. This is a perfect place for art lovers without any second thought.

6) World famous Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls – this is a wonderful place for nature lovers. Visiting here will be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. You can stand on the edge of the falls for over an hour.

Similarly, you can find other more things, according to your interest in Toronto.

7) Campus Life in Toronto

In addition to all the above-mentioned things, students get a wonderful campus life in Toronto. There are clubs on the campuses as per the passions and communities of students. One can create his/her own club or student-run organization.

Students find culturally diverse communities here. Most of the campuses have dedicated teams to provide opportunities, resources, and support to students.

There is a lot of arrangement of athletics and recreation on the campuses. You can fulfill your interest in soccer, softball, swimming, and some other sports and can find a number of teams on campuses.

To Sum Up

These are just a few examples. You can find a lot more in Toronto of your interest. There are fun clubs, restaurants, sports clubs, and many other places in the city for everyone where students can enjoy and can make their years of stay memorable. Staying in Toronto as an international student will definitely be a lifetime experience for you if you explore the city to the fullest. Toronto is undoubtedly a student-friendly city with everything you like.