With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology, more and more companies are turning to ICOs to raise funds for their projects. If you’re looking to launch your own ICO, then look no further than the ICO Dashboard Script. This powerful tool has everything you need to create a successful ICO, from creating your own tokens to managing your crowd sale. With the ICO dashboard script, you can take your project to the next level and achieve your fundraising goals. 

The ICO Script is a pre-made and thoroughly tested tool that includes all necessary factors including crypto tokens, a whitepaper, an ICO website, and more. This makes it easier to create an extensive features-rich ICO dashboard. Here, I list out some advanced Features of ICO Script.

Best ICO dashboard software features:

  •  A panel of ICO (User & Admin)
  •  Current statistical data
  •  Easy-to-use interface
  •  Wallet to secure crypto tokens
  •  Support for multi languages
  •  Purchase using fiat and crypto
  •  Token transfer
  •  Verification of KYC/AML
  •  The referral and bounty programs, etc.

These are some important features you need to consider when you buy your ICO dashboard software. By choosing the prominent ICO dashboard software provider you can offer ICO software with all the above-mentioned features at a cost-efficient price.