Quilt decor has been popular for ages and is extensively used in many houses today for decor purposes in various forms. You can also use the product as home decor and create a pleasant look. However, quilts look quite beautiful and unique anywhere you place them. The high-quality fabric or material provides a refreshing look to your house. Various types of patterned fabrics are used as decor items in modern houses. Some homeowners prefer goose-down quilts in Australia for bed and couch decor as they are super comfy. You can provide the desired look to your house aesthetics and decorate it with colourful quilts. 

In this article, you will get to know about quilt decor, colour tips, and styling ideas to balance modern and vintage looks. 

Walls for quilt decor

Walls are a perfect display for decorative quilts and it provides a fancy or unique look to your house. It is a cost-effective solution to make your wall enticing and pleasant. There are several ways to decorate your wall with different styles of quilt over the wall. 

You can place the quilt in a large square frame and display the shape in frames. Use quilts to display through an antique quilting frame as it increases the beauty of your house. You can comfortably use a quilt curtain near the wall through a curtain handle. 

Quilt decor on beds

Quilt decor on beds will keep you warm and can be used as a blanket. However, using it for decor is preferable to simply using it as a blanket. You can fold and arrange a quilt over the bed to maintain an instant comfy look for a whole particular day. Purchase the best quilt cover sets in Australia to keep them clean and long-lasting. Colourful colours provide a more beautiful look for bedroom decoration. 

You can make your bed look more attractive and enhanced with a silk quilt set and covers. It is best to purchase a quilt and quilt cover according to your bed size. 


You can use quilts over the couches as they look perfectly cool in your living room. Choose the best colour and high-quality fabric to drape over the back of the couch. It provides a more welcoming and inviting look to the room. 

All the above-mentioned places are quite preferable and convenient for quilt decor. It is best to choose a suitable colour as per the house or furniture theme. 

Colour tips for quilt decoration

Several types, colours, patterns, and fabrics of quilts are available for customers. You can choose the best colour combination that matches your home decor aesthetics and wall colour. It is best to choose colours that suit the style and design with perfect decor. You can choose multi-coloured pieces that can be used for different patterns and furniture decor. Australian quilt covers are available in attractive colours, and you can select the desired colour. 

Balance vintage and modern quilt decor look

Quilts are perfect for a vintage look as you can choose pastel colours and create a farmhouse or cottage-style look through decor. You can create a modern look through patterns and accessories or covers. It is perfect to manage quilt decor looks between vintage and modern designs through silk quilts in Australia. You can pair vintage pieces with modern-style quilts and get the desired look. Prefer the best store to purchase the right size, pattern, and fabric or quality of quilts and quilt cover sets.