MDF Board – expanded as, “Medium-Density Fibreboard” – is easily one of the most versatile materials you can use in your woodworking projects. This board is frequently used today in place of solid wood because it is less expensive and more readily available. MDF has plenty of other uses and benefits as well, especially when it comes to furniture, interior decor, and construction projects. For all these good reasons, you will find several MDF Board Suppliers in this market segment. And, if you have been thinking about using this material for any of your new needs or even renovation work, we suggest that you must certainly take a good look at all the major players in this market segment, but finally go only for India’s top MDF Board manufacturer, namely Action TESA, which is India’s largest company offering multiple products under one roof by producing more than 3 Lakhs SKU’s!

There are many reasons why we have made this statement regarding Action TESA. And, we shall begin with a few words of introduction about the company:
Action TESA is an integral part of The Action Group, which is one of India’s Largest business house that came into existence in the early 1970’s, under the aegis of Shri Mange Ram Aggarwal – a Leader, a Visionary and a Philanthropist par excellence. The Group began its business operations by stepping into the footwear industry with Action Shoes that soon became a household selling name. Driven by the spirit of continuous growth and innovation, bolstered by commitment to excellence, the Group today is a multi-dimensional company with a strong presence in sectors as diverse as Footwear, Electronics (Microtek), Chemicals, Flex Manufacturing, Real Estate, Coal Mining, MDF & Particle Board.

And, now a word specifically about MDF & Particle Board:
Having a keen interest in new business opportunities, the Group correctly foresaw the future growth in market demand for MDF and appropriately diversified itself and set-up manufacturing facilities for Boilo BWP HDF MDF/HDHMR & Particle Board and their allied value added products namely Pre-Laminated Particle Board, MDF & HDHMR, HDF Laminate Wooden Flooring, Embossed HDF, UV Coated Panel, Acrylic Hi-Gloss Boards, and HDHMR Doors under the brand name Action TESA. Thanks to this great foresight, today, a combination of technical superiority together with a wide range of designs spread across a rich palette make Action TESA products an ideal choice for all categories of consumers ranging from private individuals to corporate entities!

And now to share with you a few unmatched technical facts about Action TESA:
Action TESA enjoys the distinction of having installed India’s 1st and only 7th generation Contiroll from Seimpelkamp GmbH & Co., Germany. Following this expansion, Action TESA has become the biggest MDF manufacturer in India having Annual Production Capacity of 4,00,000 CBM, thus leaving no stone unturned in retaining No. 1 position in Panel Industry. Action TESA has many other milestones to its credit as well. The company has established the first thin MDF/HDF plant in India and it is today the largest company in Panel Industry of India in terms of production. This company has also introduced in India DOME Technology, which is unique to every product. The company is also known for having installed first True HDF Based Laminate Wooden Flooring manufacturing facility in India. Furthermore, the company also has to its credit the distinction of having introduced UV High Gloss Panel for the first time in India!

And, finally a few words about Action TESA MDF Boards:
All Action TESA MDF Boards are being manufactured with Hard wood. That automatically makes the density of the product better than other products that are generally available in the market. Additionally, Action TESA MDF Boards are having the best routing characteristics because of the special German Technology used here to press the boards in a way so that compression pressure can reach to its core also thereby making densified core that is required for high quality routing. To talk of the various gradings of MDF Boards, the company currently produces in E0, E1 & E2 Grades.

With so many highlights and stand-out features, is there any reason why you should not go for this top MDF Board manufacturer in India that stands way ahead among all the various MDF Board Suppliers in this market segment? To know more about Action TESA, you may visit the company’s website