A custom logo design is an important part of your business’s brand. It’s the first thing your audience sees and it sets the tone for all of your branded materials, including business cards, websites, and packaging.

Custom logos need to evoke the right emotions and make consumers recognize your brand. They should also be appropriate for the product or service you’re selling.


Colors have the power to evoke a variety of emotions and feelings, which is why it’s important to choose your logo’s colors carefully. You should choose your colors based on the type of business you have, and the audience you are trying to reach.

Choosing the right colors is crucial for creating a custom logo design that’s successful and recognizable. You should also consider how your logo will be used across different mediums.

Blue is a trustworthy and calm color that’s often used in corporate logos. It’s commonly seen in hospitals, financial corporations, government agencies and technology companies because it boosts confidence and integrity.

Pink is a feminine color that’s typically used in cosmetic and clothing companies. It’s also often used for companies that appeal to a younger demographic.

A color wheel is a great tool to help you determine the best color combinations for your custom logo design. You can use complementary colors, which are those that lie opposite on the wheel, to make your logo stand out.


Shapes have a major impact on how people perceive your brand, so they’re crucial in your custom logo design. Some shapes, such as triangles, convey stability; others, such as squares, project strength and professionalism.

Rectangles and squares are typically associated with professionalism, which makes them an ideal choice for old-fashioned and conservative businesses. They’re also a good choice for businesses that want to convey a sense of stability and reliability.

Circles and ellipses are often used in logos that have a more gentle aesthetic. They’re a good choice for brands that want to make an impression with their aesthetic, such as beauty products or tech companies.

Lines are another important element in logo design. They can be vertical or horizontal, and they’re typically paired with a typeface that matches their message. This allows your lines to work together, creating a cohesive design that communicates the energy, emotion and personality you want to portray.


Custom logo design is a powerful way to convey a brand’s personality and purpose. A great font can be an important element of a logo’s design.

A font can make a brand more memorable and appealing to customers, especially if it has a unique and eye-catching style. Consider the Coca-Cola logo, for example, which uses larger fonts to communicate its fizzy drink division’s old-school roots.

Similarly, rock bands use large fonts to express their power and strength. It’s a way to represent the group’s music and ethos to customers.

Cassannet is a brush font inspired by the iconic lettering on the posters of Ukrainian-born and Paris-raised designer Adolphe Mouron (Cassandre). The typeface pays homage to vintage typography with a stylized look that conveys motion, luxury, and exquisiteness.


A logo is the first thing people see and it is important to create a memorable visual identity for your brand. Combination marks are an effective way to create a powerful logo that offers flexibility for your branding needs.

A combination mark combines a symbol or abstract symbol with a wordmark, lettermark or mascot. These logos are also referred to as dynamic marks and are a great choice for businesses that want a flexible logo that works across multiple mediums.

The colors in a combination mark can be used together or separated to provide the best design for your business. Typically, it is preferable to use two colors in your logo design to ensure it is visually pleasing.