Nike is one of the largest apparel brands that has successfully expanded its business worldwide. It has reached many consumers and has acquired most of the market. Many sports clubs and teams make them partners to design their jerseys as the company assures quality. As a marketing student, you get to prepare a document on a company, and you pick them as they are popular. However, you soon ask for Nike case study help from experts because of missing out on many factors.

Due to that, you cannot submit the work to your supervisor as it still requires many additions to the content. You bring on the topic, but due to a vastly expanded company, you cannot collect all of it. Hence, the information you gather does not justify the growth of the business. You must include many areas when you prepare a case study about a company that celebrates many years of success. So, it is essential to get every aspect for your project.

That is why this article brings you different marketing schemes implemented by Nike company to expand and grow their business globally. Now, read the content till the end to learn about them.

Effective Marketing Strategies Adopted by Nike Company

Marketing is essential for a company to see growth and spread as a preferred company. It helps them to increase popularity, goodwill, sales, revenues, etc. Therefore, it becomes crucial when you prepare a case study on them.

Therefore, the following sub-heads provide insights into these tactics applied by Nike company:

Availability of Personalisation:

One of the first marketing plans that Nike apply to attract customers is giving the option to personalise their product. Such an option is unavailable at many portals, which benefits the business as it increases traffic and sales. Many customers prefer to choose their specific colour combination for their product. This option with Nike allows them to design their shoes per their choice of colours, that is unavailable in their regular sales. Even the name promotes this feature, Nike by You.

Unique Ways of Brand Promotion:

One of the most famous reasons for Nike’s popularity is its advertisements. Recently, Nike released an ad that has reached about 11.7 million views worldwide. Thus, this tactic helps them to market their company through the latest technologies and celebrity promotion. Due to their addition, the users who follow them on different social media portals also learn about the company. Moreover, they use this approach to market their merchandise, such as kits, t-shirts, shoes, headbands, etc.

Maintaining Integrity of the Brand:

In the market area of sports, Nike does not stand just as another company but as a culture. It has a variety of products for different sports. Players from this variety of games sign contract deals and provide the best products. They even manufacture on the basis of some specific players. The best example is Cristiano Ronaldo, for whom Nike produces a different set of shoes to celebrate any event in his career. That happened because the brand maintains its value, so the players have no second doubts.

Tell the Career Story of an Athlete:

The initial marketing strategy that appealed to most audiences started with narrating an emotionally pitched story. The start of advertisement watched the career line of Walt Scott, who was a retired marathon runner. The name of the campaign picked itself as a motivational feel, “Just Do It”. That is the current byline of the company, which promotes the brand name. It shows how the old players still prefer to wear Nike joggers to run. This marketing scheme of the company attracts revenues on two fronts, one through the views and the other is the increase in sales.

Make High-Profile Endorsements:

Another marketing strategy Nike has adopted is to endorse big contracts with rising stars. It is a process where the company identify their future star of the specific sports. For example, LeBron James signed a lifetime contract in 2015 with Nike as he is one of the known stars in Basketball. The same goes for Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods with different amounts. When Nike collaborates with the big names of their sport, many followers globally follow the trend. That increases their sales and revenues without much advertising.


Nike is a brand that has catapulted to the heights in its sector. Although the competitors are giving a toe-to-toe fight, the company shows no signs of dropping down. So, your professor asks you to prepare a write-up on the company. However, you cannot find enough material to sum up this growth, so you need Nike case study help to understand what you can add. So, this article brings you their marketing strategy to write in your project. Now, study and add them to your content.