If you are a beginner in the world of SEO, then you can face a tremendous amount of confusion in the initial days. You have a lot to learn and implement so that you can start having a good google ranking for your website. You can get a lot of help from the reputed PPC company in Delhi so that your foundation is strong enough. Today we are mostly going to talk about the tips that you should follow as a beginner so that you can turn into an expert in no time. These tips will also help you avoid some common mistakes that might hurt your website. 


1. Complete Your Business Profile

This is the first tip that any PPC company in Delhi will tell you to do. Your Google profile should be up to date for the public to visit. Post some photos, reviews as well as the opening hours if you are running a business and do not forget to add a phone number as well. This way, potential clients will be able to connect with you even when your business unit is not open. 

Check out the best business profiles on Google to get an idea. It is also a good option to add details if you have any upcoming events at the business spot. 


2. Long and Short Tail Keywords

We all know how important keywords can be when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Before researching for keywords, you need to learn the difference between long-tail and short-tail keywords. For example, if you have a pizza joint, the long-tail keyword could be “cheese stuffed chicken pizza Italian style”. On the other hand, the short-tail keyword would be “pizza shop”. 


3. Understanding The Search Intent

In addition to the type of keywords, you need to keep in consideration that there are three kinds of user intent. According to the best SEO company in India  these are as follows:

  1. Navigational- The navigational intent is when a person wants to go to a specific site like Instagram or Facebook. 
  2. Informational- This intent is about the person wanting to have specific information about a topic- like how you can get the best pizza joint in town. 
  3. Transactional- This is when a person wants to buy something online. 

It is important to understand the intent of the potential visitors of your site so that you can resolve their issues accordingly. If you are providing a service or product, then you can search using keywords of specific intent and check out the results. Follow the trends and then determine the intent. 


4. Optimizing Title Tags

The more engaging the title tag is, the better it is going to be. The title makes the first and possibly the last impression and it will determine whether someone will click on your page or not. In addition, you need to have impressive content along with spicy tags so that it is useful to the client. 

Always ensure that the title summarizes what the article is going to be about. Properly optimize them and your SEO will never be out of track.