Time is money, and those who do not learn to direct its flow end up drowning in the game of life. Managing your time doesn’t only give you control over your work field; it also lets you gain control over your personal life and live it to the fullest. That’s why you might see some freelancers using the Freelance hour tracker to make the most of their time.

There is some software out there that helps you get your train on track and helps you track the time you spend on each project. That ultimately helps you manage and perform the tasks more efficiently, turning you into an unstoppable task-completing force.

 Freelance hour tracker 

Awesome software that you can use to enhance your time management skills


Acteamo is the best overall software that gives you access to a large variety of freelance tools for time tracking. These tools open up a whole other world of freelancing and let you create an efficient and awesome management program that helps you meet your goal.

There are many benefits to using Accomo, as they are created mainly to help you drive the team to reach the target.

Some of the key features of Acteamo that you will like are:

  • It helps with billing and invoicing. Billing and invoicing are time-consuming tasks that can easily be dealt with by automating the system and letting it figure out the invoicing and billing.
  • Resource management: tasks and projects are always hard to tackle, but you can use the task and project management tools to manage the projects on time.

Bottom line

There are many platforms out there that offer great task management and freelance time-tracking tools; all you have to do is pay attention to what you want out of the tools. You can even opt for a free trial of Acteamo, and then, based on whether you like the tool or not, you can buy the full version.